Good news bad news.

[email protected] - Thanks for that update & BZ to your good friend Geoff (I trust he is also able to read PMs sent to you where he will find further encouragements).

The Culver Cliffs & adjacent coastline was clearly visible today, between mega downpours, from Selsey Bill at midday - Immediately thought of you ramming about the Isle before I returned home and clocked-in to discover your latest sitrep.

Mr. Hyde? I'd guess quite a few of us here have made his acquaintance from time to time.
He & his black dog are rarely far away. Take your time, but they WILL go.


War Hero
£847 tax rebate last month so bought a new camera Sony a6000 with standard 35mm F 1.8 lens , pair of Yamaha
floor standing spkrs which I have wanted for ages. Took some pics in The Rook yesterday as Paul is about to do a refurb for some before/after pics , he is installing a 'Beer wall' on the back wall of the bar to fit all the keg taps.

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