Good news bad news.

Have had a massive breakdown so will be off-line for some considerable time.
Bollox to all the regulars.;)

Good to see you back if only briefly, Pat. (Check your inbox & bonfire those unreplied-to GWS messages)

Keep taking the Meds and I trust those lower-rear-end Spots of your's are blistering nicely, you silly old B*****d!:rolleyes:

CU OM, bye...

Bad CO

Slightly late but here is a message that we received by email last Thursday:

Boss , can you thank all the lads for messages of support in the Good News Bad News thread.

Ta muchly ,

I guess he's still lurking!
This caught my attention when it popped up on another site, Stirls,

<<The best cure for worry, depression, melancholy, brooding, is to go deliberately forth and try to lift with one's sympathy the gloom of somebody else.>>

Arnold Bennett, novelist (1867-1931) ...but probably related to Gordon Bennett if his tastebuds were anything to go by:

The Omelette Arnold Bennett
While Bennett was staying at the Savoy Hotel in London the chefs perfected an omelette incorporating smoked haddock, Parmesan cheese and cream, which pleased him so much that he insisted that it be prepared wherever he travelled.
The Omelette Arnold Bennett has remained a standard dish at the Savoy ever since. Wiki

Makes a change from snorkers so why not order it for brekkie for your next stay at the Savoy, eh, Pat?


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On line.
After a long chat with my one and only friend in this world it is time to fess up , took a long time to thrash this out hence the time of posting.
Something I have never told you is the failed attempt at suicide in 1976 , luckily for me the only sharp knife I had at my disposal was a blunt bread knife , failed cos I probably did not have the guts to strike hard enough and as I sed the implement was blunt ,2 scars on my jugular that Bob never spotted on our 3 DTS during my trips to South Island for my annual re-hab. Meet with Geoff once a week for scran and dits , he spotted that Mr Hyde was about to reappear so took me home and I instructed him on how to block someone from logging in to certain web sites , password set only known to him. Second attempt at ending it all recently and if Mr Hyde had taken over at my age it would
have been bye bye so thank G for me being still around.
It will take an absolute age to sort this shit out so bear with me and I will be back when the time is right.
I have [email protected] in my contacts in e-mail where I can leave any updates , Geoff permitting.
One last thing , you lot have kept me going over the years and have been there for me , I read on a daily basis for the laffs , only downside is off-line I cannot see the full pics of Bill's thread , thanks for all your positive encouragement , it helps a great deal.
Off line.
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Stifling effort so far, it is said the hardest corner to turn is the one of self acceptance and self analysis, looking hard at ones self can be scary, Geoff, your a good mate to a troubled old sole, keep him safe and help him back from the edge.
@Stirlin if you need support we are here some of the time but don't expect any of that namby pandy civy cuddles st*t take care.


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Seeing as you are missing the pictures, please enjoy these puppies.


You do anything daft and I will cancel my account on here and join a Train Spotters forum.
You have been warned.

Yours Aye,



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Do your best to keep your spirits up mate, I'll see if I can get Billy to find some "larger lady pics" to help boost you.


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Really appreciate your posts @Stirlin, keep at it and keep watch for Billy's pictures. If you can access YouTube, look at the GEICO Gunny therapist ad (can't find the link right now).

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