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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mark33, Mar 20, 2010.

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  1. Hiya having spoke with my afco on phone yesterday I have finally been offered a date to start my basic. Sept 26th seems like forever away but 27 weeks to get myself the fittest i've ever been and considering im 34 today that going to take some doing. Has anyone else been given this date I've looked on the when you going thread but no-one on there yet anyway good luck too everyone.
  2. That is brilliant news, very well done.

    27 weeks with the right atttude and determination is more than enough no matter where you are starting from.

    Go and get on with it and best luck in your new career.
  3. Cheers comm your right the right attitude is all thats needed and if only the younger lads had the same attitude. I will not fail cheers again
  4. 27 weeks gives you enough time to complete that 7 week programme 4 times over, so I think you'll be alright!

    Keep it up, as you said your maturity gives you some advantages as well as the aforementioned physical drawbacks, so it's not all bad!
  5. great news m8, bet you cant wait.

    what are you going in as??
  6. cheers ginger I'm going et(mesm) started my application july 2009
  7. lets hope its my turn next i started me app in aug 2009 for WS
  8. That's fantastic! Good Luck. I also started my application around that time, passing my PT in July 2009 so I am staying positive about getting my date through...though I am going in as MA. Fingers crossed.

    Good Luck and Enjoy!

  9. we are all in the same boat kid, waiting waiting......
  10. i sat my rt around june last year for aet so hopefully it will not be too much longer before i get a start date. fingers crossed anyway.
  11. Good Luck Mark and Happy Birthday for yesterday! :eek:ccasion4:

    I will be 34 next Sat...don't worry about that though, just a number! :lol:

    As the guys say, you have more than enough time to get in good shape and as long you work hard and don't make the mistake of thinking you have lots of time, it will all come together.

    Best of luck!! :strong:
  12. Congratulations fella, I sat my RT for ET(ME)SM around the end of August so hopefully I won't be waiting too long for my start date.
  13. congratulations I bet it feels awesome to finally have a date! I sat my RT in October 09 for AET, hoping I get a date soon. I don't care when the dates for I just want one to work towards. Congrats again!
  14. I sat my RT September 09 for AET and cant wait for my date but have been told I'm looking at early next year the soonest :(
  15. Yeh I was told the same, (I actually sat RT in Sept, was driving test in OCT) the AFCO said roughly Jan next year, I jsu think It'd be better if they said 30th March or something and you knew when you were going. But hey the indefinate wait continues :(
  16. Congrats! Good to hear the news considering you missed that phone call the other month :D
  17. Hey :) Passed Everything in September and now just waiting for my entry date... Unfortuantly my chosen branch of ET(WE) now has a wait of 30 months which is a bit soul destroying. Guess everything happens for a reason so i think i'll just travel until i get a date... Any ET(WE)'s here that have had their date recently? When did you sit the recruitment test?

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