Good luck to them

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by white_mafia, Jun 25, 2010.

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  1. I like the journalistic prose "covert cold war ops" and "most sophisticated ship of it's time".

    It was an MTB FFS
  2. W T F has she done to her legs
  3. If I didn't know better I would say she is originally Cornish and this is an example of generations of dark cold nights and selective inbreeding.
  4. Where did they find that for a £1? I want one, ultimate boys toy.
  5. Definition: A wooden hole in the water you have to keep throwing money into.. :roll:
  6. I was on the successor of them, HMS Brave Swordsman,and to be fair we did have a bit to do with skull duggery of sorts.
    We practiced dropping shadowy figures in the Norwegian fiords at night for God knows what,and picking them up in a Zodiac days later without using Radar but some other type of machine.
    We dropped off some tough looking buggers but what they did ,I have no idea.
    We all hazarded guesses but who knows.
    It was a moments notice departure,the wife was expecting me home for the night and I ended up in Peterhead then Stavanger then to the Fiords with a bunch of 15 whatevers onboard.
    Whenever we left Peterhead there was always a big black Government car on the jetty!
    Maybe this MTB did something similar.
    Well that's me locked up for the official Secrets Act but I never signed one,although we were supposed to,or were they just trying to bullshit us?
  7. Please tell me there wasn't a vessel of the type called 'Gay swordsman' 8O
  8. Here's all the Gay's for you

    Gay Archer
    Gay Bombardier
    Gay Bowman
    Gay Bruiser
    Gay Carabineer
    Gay Cavalier
    Gay Centurion
    Gay Charger
    Gay Charioteer
    Gay Dragoon
    Gay Fencer
    Gay Forester

    Pongo names seemed quite popular :D
  9. Wouldnt like to meet 'Gay Bruiser' on a dark dockside :D
  10. Wonder how many got filled in because they had that on their cap tally
  11. I think you'll find that the Gay boats were named and crewed before the Gay name became asscociated as homosexuality.
    You wouldn't have boats called Queer Brave Swordsman or HMS Arse Shagging Ark Royal would you?
    Just for the record I left the Brave boat after more that a year,unreamed,untouched by human hand,other than my own,and un-blown!
    It was a straight Brave or if it wasn't I never knew.
    Going at 45 knots made it impossible to piss in the heads due to the G Force on the bladder,so back scuttling would be a no go area and in harbour we were always to pissed to do anything but sleep.
  12. I think i meet most of them in the hole in the wall

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