Good lad ,check this out .He had to say sorry!


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Whats the problem?
Seems like he'd make a matelot, only difference been his mates would have been asking for two's up. :oops:
He's an MP not a trappist Monk. Seems as if all the cabinet minisers have been dipping their wicks, maybe he was just doing a little trade training. :lol:


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Aside from the embarrassment and hurt that he caused his family, good effort. His only shame was that he didn't nail 'em both. After all, may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb as the saying goes, probably in Wales. :D


What a wasted opportunity!! Christmas came (!) early. Typical MP though, not up for the job!

Keep Striving.


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Silly bugger, he'll regret this for the rest of his days, Jimmy Green is spot on, although he couldn't know that the lassies would run to the journos, when you've got two girls like this in your room and everyones willing well fill your boots...brewers droop maybe :lol: ?


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slim said:
Having now seen the photo's of the young ladies I can only say that if aany red blooded matelot had been in bed with them the story would have had a different ending.
Mmm. It says heavy Petting took place

It also says "Miss Watt plays fiddle and Whistle and Miss Morrison plays fiddle and Clarsach"

They both say sex never took place, (remember Bill Clinton)

maybe they are both accomplished players of the Pink Oboe. :wink:

I would be more than happy to be in bed with two women half my age and to be fondled per chance a blow job would be a bonus :wink: :wink:


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i see no problem,,,, the girls were old enough to know what they were doing......( ok yes hes married.) but they girls went willing to his room... so why not.............. always the same..... never trust a woman scorned.. well two women in this case... maybe they found out he was not so good after all...........


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Yes! Like Father Famine, I am inclined to believe that if three musicians are gathered together, at least one should be proficient on the one eyed piccolo. Otherwise there is a certain orchestral imbalance.