Good home for the Harriers!!!!

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Nov 13, 2011.

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  1. They say that now, wait until they get in them and realise they fly like bananas.
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  2. £31 million is a gift for 74 harriers especially when they cost £14 to £18 million each when new. Even if only 50% of them are operational: McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The US marines only want them to serve to 2025 when they will be changing over to the new F.35 A strike fighter:
    Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  3. Kinda but this is the REAL flying banana!!!!

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  4. Wonder if the first job that will be done is to rip out the Rolls Royce Pegasus and put in some Pratt & Whitney cr*p so it sounds like a used car as well!
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

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  6. Think as a favour they can sell us some ospreys on the cheap
  7. Aaaah; the ever-accurate,and in no way bitter, Mr Page. I wondered when his "expertise" would rise to the surface. After all, a curtailed spell as a UAS cadet, followed by a less-than-glittering career as an MCMV diver (where he peaked at Lt if I am not mistaken) sets him up well as a "Defence Commentator", doesn't it?

    What an utter bell-whiff.
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  8. Obama has also announced that he is sending 2,500 Marines (with Harriers) to Northern Australia.
  9. Wowser......
  10. 2 to be offered as museum pieces ? I wonder which museums.
  11. Notice that the sale price for the 74 Harriers, at 180 million USD . Wont even buy you one F35!!!!!!
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  12. The two airframes reserved for the museums are going to Hendon and Yeovilton.
  13. Cheers Scouse,Hendon already has a GR3.
  14. MoD Comment:

    "Various media report that the MOD has sold its fleet of Harrier aircraft to the US for $180m which takes into account the airframes and associated spare parts.

    The value of the sale, added to the savings made from retiring the Harrier fleet from service, takes the total estimated receipts and savings to the MOD to around £1bn. This will enable investment in a more modern and capable mixed fast jet fleet, including the state-of-the-art Joint Strike Fighter. The Harrier airframes and associated parts will be used as a major source of spares to support the US Marine Corps Harrier AV-8B fleet of aircraft.

    Difficult decisions had to be taken in the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) to tackle the Department's £38bn black hole. Cuts predating the SDSR left the Harrier Force too small to carry out enduring operations in Afghanistan whilst maintaining the contingent capability we need for other operations such as Libya. Also, Tornado delivers the full range we need in terms of precision weapons and reconnaissance.

    Peter Luff, Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology, confirmed the sale to the House of Commons yesterday. He said: "Harrier served this country with great distinction, but retiring it eight years earlier than planned was the right decision. Had we taken the decision in the SDSR to decommission Tornado instead we would not have been able to carry out the missions that were required simultaneously in Libya and Afghanistan.

    "It was essential to retire older, less capable aircraft to allow us to invest in more modern, cutting-edge fast jets. As our operations over Libya proved, we have the capability to project decisive air power and can utilise our extensive basing and overflight rights to great effect. The sale of Harrier is evidence of our commitment to working closely with our allies and represents a good deal for both countries."

    The sale of equipment to the US includes spares and associated support equipment. Two aircraft will also be offered to museums in order to preserve the UK's military heritage."

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