Good enough for AIB?

Hi all, I'm due to have the interview at the careers office to see if I can go to the Admiralty Interview Board. Any topics I should research in particular? Currently have an overview of all branchs of the Navy and a little history.
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I recently passed my SIFT interview, just waiting on an AIB now. I wasn't asked any naval history. I was asked to point out all the places the navy was currently deployed, why we are there and what is deployed. I was suprised that he asked me to point out all the weapons systems on a T42 and talk about each one, luckily I had covered this in my preperation but didn't expect it to be that detailed.

All the best
I assume you are applying for a Submariner role....?

If that is the case expect to be asked about your training and career pipeline, particularly with regard to the stages after you seperate from your general service colleagues. Expect to be asked why you are applying for submarines rather than the surface fleet and some submarine specfific naval knowledge.

For example, the difference between SSN and SSBN roles, where they are based, what weapons they carry etc. It would be logical to assume a focus on Astute might be a possibility but a general overview should be sufficient for the sift.
Thanks for all the help guys. Passed the filter interview yesterday. That was nerve-wracking! Had to recognise pictures of ships and helicopters. Also, the training pipeline, with particular attention to the pass/fail events.

Thanks again!

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