Good effort nobber

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by montfish, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. Not the sort of people the Corps needs!!!
  2. His girlfriend must have very soft skin. 5 stitches required after he accidently "brushed against her"
    And the daft cow is still with him.
  3. He probably regrets wearing a ring whilst attempting to 'pimp slap' some respect into his woman. Bad drills; he should have hissed a few threats into her ear and banged her out when he got home.
  4. Agreed..Id have remained stoic throughout until we got home, then spend the best part of three hours bruising her fat spotty back and landlady like shoulders with every kitchen appliance I could lift above my Jupiter like swede....

    Edited to add, id happily take a few 'kit inspections' and a 200 and odd quid fine for banging out my Doris and abusing a nigger :D In fact id slot it into my top 3 hobbies, the others being slinging wheelie bins through kebab shop windows in the wee small hours and sending broken glass and vials of my Aryan like seed to Somali Community Groups.......
  5. I did hear a tale back in the home town about a bootie when home on leave used to go in the pub fists flying "I am a Royal Marine Commando I will take you all on" when I heard the tale I said if this is true just pick up the phone and phone RM anyplace, I am sure they will send somebody round to take him out of harms way. I doubted the tale very much when informed he was a stripey.

    I can just see Jeremy Kyle making frantic phone calls trying to get this knob on his cess pit show.

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