Good decision for a change by HMG

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by tam, Nov 10, 2011.

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  1. tam


    The home secretary is banning Muslims Against Crusades, a group that planned an anti-Armistice Day protest.Even though this may be the actions of a Home Secretary attempting to curry favour with the majority of the electorate after the inexcusable border control fiasco I applaud the decision. There is no place on our streets on Armistice Sunday for a gang of hooded fascists whose primary objective is to create racial tension.
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  2. Unfortunately they'll just change name again and carry on regardless. I tend to think of them as irritating children, if you ignore them (media take note) they'll just disappear.
  3. I'm sure that banning them means banning their 'demonstration' as well Wrecker, which is clearly a good thing.

    Another good thing is that the EDL can now get back in their pond.
  4. Just a little point tam - it's Remembrance Sunday, not Armistice Sunday.

    Armistice Day is tomorrow.
  5. Very true Guzz but I wouldn't bet on them not trying something as the publicity they can gain from the video of peaceful muslims being oppressed by the rascist anti-islamic police force may be too good for them to miss.
  6. tam


    Thanks for that Guzzler but being a traditionalist I like to refer to the special day as Armistice Day as that is the name that was used before it was changed to Remembrance Day after world war two.

  7. The EDL are being banned?
  8. I didn't think that this would be so difficult, particularly with a 'traditionalist'.

    I really can't be arsed to google the facts and figures, but I'll repeat this slowly...

    The 'special day' that gets you so emotional would appear to be Armistice Day. That is, and always has been, the eleventh of November - the day that the 'guns fell silent'. Oddly enough it doesn't always fall on a Sunday.

    Remembrance Sunday is a different thing, though obviously closely related. More of a day when we remember those who have fallen during all wars since 1914, as opposed to just the First World War. I would think that it came into use after the Second World War as you have stated.

    There is no such thing as Armistice Sunday - it doesn't make sense as the Armistice didn't happen on a Sunday.

    Being a 'traditionalist' doesn't give you carte-blanche to be completely wrong, which you are.
  9. tam


    Guzzler, it does not make me wrong just because I have chosen not to move with the times, if I choose to call this coming Sunday ‘Armistice Sunday’ I will do so, why it should be of any concern to you mystifies me.
  10. More than 170 supporters of the English Defence League have been arrested outside a pub near the Cenotaph in central London today. What with this and the Home Secretary's banning of Muslims against Crusades I would say it has been a good result all round, as it has kept the scum on both sides off the streets of London on what is a very special day.
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  11. tam


    Spot on sir I wholeheartedly agree with you, it's uplifting to see HMG carry out the wishes of the majority for a change and ban both gangs of detritus.
  12. Sorry, only trying to clarify things for you.

    Still, not long until Saturnalia eh?
  13. tam


    No worries Guzzler, sadly I will miss the Saturnalia this year as I will be living it up in Hua Hin.

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