Good Cars in the snow?

Discussion in 'Motoring' started by Pitfirrane, Dec 4, 2010.

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  1. I have a new VW Passat Estate running on Continental 235/45/ZR17 tyres. These big fat, low profile tyres seem to be the problem. You would think a heavy diesel lump over the driving wheels would be ideal but no.

    It is absolutely useless in the snow. Once out of my driveway, on to the residential street, which now has compressed, polished snow it won't go anywhere! I needed the asssitance of a neighbour to help by pushing just to get back into the driveway!

    The hand book says I can't fit snow chains to this size of tyre/wheel, presumably due to clearance issues.

    Has anyone got any experience of using "Snow Autosocks"? (

    I guess the other alternative is to buy a set of Winter tyres (and wheels)?

    What's the best car shipmates have for the snow?
  2. Audi allroad 4x4.
  3. I've got a Nissan Pathfinder, it laughs in the face of snow, mud, sand and gypsy villages.
  4. Volvo XC70 no problems, except stuck behind the spacka's in their poxy front wheel drive going nowhere shite cars.
    Why can't these ar$oles just stay in their Laura Ashley fukin Barratt homes and let me get to work and earn money. Kunnts!!!
  5. TD5 Defender 90. No problems with anything, and yes, we have got VERY deep snow here 45 minutes away! :D
  6. Ahem, err, Daihatsu Terios with its permanent 4 wheel drive. No, I kid you not. On the roads over here in the snow and ice it has been a bit of a star.

    You do get a bit complacent and definitely get frustrated with these 2 wheel front wheel drive pooftahs.
  7. 2.2 Diesel Jaguar x type estate sport, really great in the snow. My dads 3.0 Diesel Chrysler 300c however has not moved of the drive way in a week.
  8. This one really surprises me, what is it shod with?

    My mates X type Jag has not moved an inch in a week!
  9. Skoda Fabia 1.4 Diesel 185. 14. Delightful, pulls away on hills at tickover, revs drop to 700 and it just chugs away :thumbright:

    Skoda Fabia 1.9 VRS 205/45. 16. A pig it either stalls on the hill or just spins the wheels, either way you go nowhere fast :evil:
  10. Skinny tyres for snow conditions

    Have a look at the winter rally cars, when next on TV....they use skinny tyres
  11. Anybody had any experience of a Volvo XC90 on snow?
  12. True :( would it nullify the insurance if I fitted em to the VRS ? and would it just make em easier to spin and hairier to drive?
  13. I have big fat low profiles and there shite in anything more than 1cm of white stuff.

    Christ! My old VW Beetle was mega in the snow. Sodden fast new crap. :evil:
  14. Agreed my Beetle was a right laugh in the snow and these days I ride mountainbikes with wider tyres...
  15. I was seriously considering buying one instead of the Pathfinder, but everyone, including a Volvo mechanic advised against it. Apparently they are even less reliable than Landies and eat diffs, tyres, gearboxes and suspension parts for breakfast.

    I've heard they aren't much cop off road either. The 4x4 XC70 is supposed to be much better.

    Shame really as they are nice looking and I like Volvos.
  16. Cheers 2DD, will take a look at the Pathfinder...
  17. 'Someone else's'

    They go like fuck and don't cost a penny to repair.
  18. That is odd...hmm i have had no trouble with mine, whilst a little slippy in places its easy as pie to drive in the snow... I would put it down to a dirty great big iron lump over the front tyres and selecting second gear. the 300c is an auto which ironicaly stands for auto-fail in snow.
  19. It's an ugly brute of a car but it will steam through just about anything, it's got reliability that Discovery owners can only dream about, 7 seats and all the toys if you get the Aventura spec. It's a lot cheaper to run than most other big 4x4s, I'm getting around 30mpg out of mine (it's a manual one). It's quick enough for something that size and has amazing torque and power, it's surprisingly agile too and I have no trouble darting through London traffic. The thing just feels totally bullet proof.

    Since I have had mine the only things I have discovered that I'm not 100% happy with, are the headlights which I think are a little dim, some Xenon bulbs should sort that though and the rear parcel shelf which is a bit of a gash design, it doesn't fold up entirely and you need to stash it in the garage if you have the rear two seats up.

    The interior is your typical utilitarian Jap affair and lacks the class of a Disco or XC90 but seems to be a bit more hard wearing, I'd have no snags with letting muddy dogs, kids etc. climb all over the inside.

    Since the snow has arrived, it has come into it's own and apart from having to brake a little earlier, I'm noticing fcuk all difference compared to normal driving.

    A good one with around 20,000 on the clock shouldn't set you back more than 15 grand or maybe a little more for the Aventura spec.

    Edited to add: I used to have a Range Rover (the one before the current shape) and the Pathfinder absolutely dicks all over it in every aspect, save for perhaps image.
  20. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Ford Mondao with winter tyres and as surefooted as you could hope for. Had fun the other day overtaking a Disco slipping on the ice. Hahaha, I laugh in the face of the Disco being driven crapply.

    I'm posh so went for the Kwit Fit option of paying them to do everything from tyres to fitting and storing my summer tyres till Apr. However you can get a decent set (all ways fit 4 tyres) for about £70-90 a tyre, get cheap steel rims and do the job yourself.

    Even with a 4x4 winter tyres make a big difference. Obviously my superior driving skills and all round brilliance as a PWO helps.

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