good air rifles?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by chrisj09, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. evening guys!
    now i know some of you are quite fond of air rifles and soon i shall be purchasing one. thing is i have no idea which ones are good and which ones are gash.

    * i would like one thats fairly modern looking

    any help would be much appreciated. :)
  2. Go to W H Smiths and buy a copy of Air Rifle, it has write up's and all sorts of adds for any type you desire.
    I have Weirauch 77 with Scope and sound reducer, but it is old hat these days.
  3. couple of rifles I have are...
    for modern looking there not much more modern than styer.

    for a very good shot when using targets I use a Weihrauch HW100 S.

    Both of those rifles are quite expensive for something a bit cheaper try the air arms TDR.
  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

  5. I've got a Webley Tomahawk .22 with a Webley silencer and scope which came with it as a package deal. I've had it since I was 16 and it is still going strong many years later despite never being serviced and very rarely cleaned. I've only ever had to zero it once, the day I got it and since then it has shot reliably and accurately, I use it mainly for crows and pigeons up to around 30 metres, but I have nailed bunnies with it in the past with no problems too.

    It's a simple break barrel so there is no need for charging or air pumps or any other shite. You can just go out with a tin of pellets and the rifle and shoot indefinitely. It's a bit bulky and weighs a bit, but I quite like that and it definitely gives it the feeling of sturdiness, it's been dropped a few times and has lived a real harsh life but is still going strong. Webley recently updated the design slightly and I believe it is now called the Webley Longbow.

    Every review I can find online says it is top and as someone who works in the gun trade, I can vouch for it's build quality and reliability. I would steer well clear of pre-charged rifles unless you have big bucks to spend. In my experience you can't get a decent pre-charged for less than £600 plus scope etc. For that price you may as well get a real gun.

    Edited to add: If you want a modern looking one, they do it with a nifty looking thumb hole stock for a little bit extra.
  6. This place have the longbow SE for £312.

    I can assure you that you are getting a mega bargain, the walnut stock is really nice quality and the adjustable trigger is possibly one of the best I have encountered on air rifles or proper rifles.

    I would also try and spend over £100 on a scope and some decent mounts as that will make a huge difference in your shooting, especially if you plan on shooting in low light conditions. A nice silencer always helps as well.
  7. I've got a Weihrauch .177 Break barrel carbine which came with silencer and scope. Ideal for rabbitting or just plinking. I prefer it to gas operated as you don't need to lug a bottle around to re-charge it.
  8. That is a V nice rifle.

    Totally agree about pre-charged. I like the freedom of just picking up my rifle and a tin of pellets, going out and not having to worry about charging it, gas seals, yearly servicing or any other associated shite. My rifle is a tool, it lives in the shed with my other tools and it is treated as such. Pre-charged rifles are just too high maintenance and they seem a bit fragile compared to my Webley.
  9. Never had my Weihrauch serviced and never had any problems except a seal had to be changed on the tank, and I will get around 90-100 full power shots before they start to drop in power as stated the only down side is you need to buy a pump to recharge the cylinder.
  10. Aye but that's what you get for over £700.

    My Ruger 17 HMR cost less than that with a scope and case thrown in.
  11. Try a Gamo, see them at They are very powerful, as being European, (Spanish?) they do not have any power limiting. Mine has a 'pop up' device to take the pellet and with the scope is very accurate.

    We can also buy scarily accurate looking BB firing replicas of virtually any weapon you can think of. No namby pamby flourescent orange muzzles for us! However, being safety concious (sic) they only allow the use of plastic BBs!!!!
  12. I charge my air rifle with Nitrous Oxide. I never hit fuck all, but giggle like a twat every time I miss.

    I have a superb Webley Mk111, a powerful accurate weapon, be it old hat, and an even older Relum Tornado antique splendor, and fun as it demands skill. It is unforgiving and fights you all the way. When you make a hit, bingo skill. :wink: :)

    Edited to add, both under-lever, and both.22
    Telescopic sights? what do you use on a real rifle? radar. I can see perfectly to open sight fire at 1000 yds, and I'm nigh on fuckin 60. 8O
    All we are saying, give rabbits a chance. :D :roll: :wink:
  13. Think mine cost about £160 incl scope about 3 years ago. Never needed anything doing to it as lots of bereaved bunny wabbit families can testify.
  14. Murdering bastard, I just wish rabbits could fire back :evil: 8O :wink:
  15. I have a Webley Mk3 no scope I am one with the rifle. In it's day it was the top sluggie
  16. I don't have air rifles, I just own 3 shotguns instead
  17. So the Rat now plays the "Blackcat card".
    I deal in the fcukers so I have oodles, and the war office tells me most women get a lounge, she has a scale model of the Imperial War Museum.

    And Tommo whilst I have your attention, do you know Harvey's Guns and fishing tackle shop in Falmouth?
  18. Name doesn't ring a bell, I only know of the Tackle Box in Falmouth I'm afraid
  19. Is it on the corner by Trago mills?

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