Good Aftrenoon is one for you?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Chriscrop, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    Firstly hello i am new here.

    I want some advice please. I applied to the RN in February this year and I am a little worried about my application.

    Let me start from the beginning: I have in the past indulged in a number of different drugs, which have included LSD( taken once over 3 years ago), ketamine, Hash & Cocaine. I have done these as social things as it was at a stage when I was djing and I started to become well established with it, now as time has gone by it became more of a frequent thing to indulge at the weekends... Yes I could of said NO but I really didn’t want to at this time in my life.

    I have now quit the djing over 2 years ago and decided I wanted more from life then being an office monkey thus why I applied.
    I have also been to the doctors with depression as there was one occasion last year when I tried to self harm due to debt (serves you right for taking drugs I hear you say) But it was other issues all rolled into one and nothing was ever prescribed to me for it and they referred me to see a councillor which I later declined as felt 100% again.

    I will be honest and admit I was still taking cocaine and smoking the herb up to 4 weeks before my medical, as far as I know I have passed it and I did the wee test and neither the nurse nor doctor said anything to me on the day. Does this mean I have passed or I am yet to find out?

    With this new career choice I have stopped all of the above as I know the RN have an absolute zero tolerance on drugs, now I failed to mention the above at my interview as I thought unless they ask I am not going to say. (Which they didn’t) they just asked what their policy is on it.

    After reading some posts on here I will await all the reply’s saying don’t bother joining and so forth but before you do please stop and think

    Am I capable and fit for job? Yes I ran the 1.5 in 9 minutes

    Am I going to start seeing little green men and flip out a few years down the line due to lsd? Highly unlikely

    Am I self disciplined? Yes

    Am I mentally prepared? Yes

    Am I going to self indulge if the opportunity arouse while in service? Definitely not

    So all in all what are my chances of getting my date? I have been told they have bid for it but can the above still come back and bite me where it hurts
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  3. Re: Good Aftrenoon is one for you?

    I felt that one.

    Anyone have anything more to say?
  4. Re: Good Aftrenoon is one for you?


    Do you mean Matelots?!

    No doubt one of the recruiting guys will be online later on and will give you the advice you're hoping for.
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    D'oh should of checked the spelling for that one shouldn't I?

    I shall await the response of the recruiting team.
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    Seriously? It sounds like you have been an idiot in the past but you have managed to pull yourself out of the Guano and moved forward in the right direction since then. Well done for that and FFS don't ever go back there.

    You should be aware that the services have a zero tolerence towards drug abuse and I would be lying if I didn't tell you that your previous indulgences would be a barrier to your recruitment. The real question will be whether they are enough to prevent you getting in at all. Five or ten years ago I would have said yes but times have changed and although the zero tolerence has not, your past history might be mitigated by your enthusiasm, honesty and willingness to get stuck in. Also, notwithstanding all of this you still need to interview well and pass all the tests.

    As Sol said - the experts will be online later and will, I hope, offer you more definite advice. I would have thought that the careers people will let you know either way. Good luck to you with it.

  7. Re: Good Aftrenoon is one for you?

    Silver_fox, thanks for the reply. Yes I have passed all the recruitment tests including interview. As already mentioned in my first post.

    Pay attention boy :p

  8. What spec are you going in as? Just keep ya nose clean untill you get to Raleigh is my advice to you mate. Good Luck.
  9. Seaman Specialist, I will be doing so. I'm just not sure if I will be rejected during my wait. Everything is fine as far as I am aware but not sure how the system works in regards to if they have requested my doctors’ notes before my medical or after? I fear this silly depression faze I went though could possibly ruin it for me. The drugs issue I am not too concerned about as it is in the past and I am fully aware of the consequences of what will happen.

    I just don’t want to gear myself up and start to train fully only to receive a letter 5 months down the line saying dear Mr Crop were giving you the chop!
  10. Im going for warfare officer and I know they dont send for medical notes unless there is a query they need to raise from your medical questionnaire. If im sucessful at AIB, then obv I have to pass a medical after AIB. Id phone your AFCO tbh mate and see what they say.
  11. Surely I would be pissing on my own chips if I was to do so as this will give them cause for concern and if you are right in what you are saying they might then want to request the notes.
  12. No I mean just ask how long they think you have to wait before joining. If you applied in Feb, ten months suggests a December joining date? I think seaman spec is still a ten month wait, but obv im not a careers advisor.
  13. Of course, I understand. Yes a 10 month wait is what I have been informed. But what a shame it would be for me to sit and wait then be told I can’t enter for the reasons stated above.

    I’m a little dubious about asking the AFCO due for the fact that it might ruin it. I have not been dishonest in my application so I hope it all works out.
  14. That's some good speed... Sorry.

    Hope all goes well.
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The odds are you may have been economical with the truth during you selection interview as you are specifically asked about drugs and again during your medical examination you are quizzed regarding drugs & whether you have had any episode of self-harm or poisoning.

    That said, assuming you have passed medical, unless you have any convictions or cautions for possession (which will come to light when your security clearance is processed), you have little to further worry about as long as you stay as clean as a whistle.
  16. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    This waiting time puzzles me as I keep reading that all the services are short of people. Can we afford to lose bodies that are in limbo waiting to be called forward? Time was (certainly in the Army) a bloke signed in the recruiting office and was on his way to depot the same evening.
  17. Re: Good Aftrenoon is one for you?

    Hee hee, I wonder how long ago it was that SF was actually a boy!!
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The waiting times have certainly been an issue for the last 31 years if not longer. When I initially applied as a RM musician in 1977 there was an 18 month wait after passing audition in Deal.

    Likewise when I actually joined in 1981, I'd waited 10 months to join as a stoker. Back then Raleigh alone processed well over 100 new joiners per week.

    It's simply a case of places available on courses versus required numbers for each trade. Obviously now the mob is down to around 40,000 there's a recession inbound and there isn't much money in the kitty because we want a new aircraft carrier, places are scarcer than ever in many trades with more applicants for each place out of a current annual intake of around 4,000. Medical assistants for example can expect a 2 year wait because the courses are full (not that there's many).

    On average the quickest you can join is around 3 months depending on your job preference.
  19. I think when you go to Raleigh they get your medical history doctor notes sent to Raleigh i think that goes on for all ratings they need to check your vaccnation history so they can update you with injections so they will have your medical history you got pass the selection process
  20. Is this true what Ive heard about the army? Apparently potential squaddies are going to soldier selection centre, having the medical and interview done within a matter of weeks. A friend of mine joined in about 2 weeks I mean wtf???

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