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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rock_chick, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. Hello folks,

    I have been skulking around here for a while and thought it was about time to introduce myself. I am in the early stages of applying for E(TM) Officer and this forum has already been a mine of information so thanks.

    I'm looking forward to lots more advice and banter on here as I go through the process.

  2. ooh, ooh me first!

    Any chance of some tit pics? :D
  3. Welcome chick and don't take what is said too literally.

    My you get that Taloolah, its banter, not bullying, picking on the fat bird, just banter!!! :wink:
  4. Damn Dr. Z!! I wanted to get in there first :D !
  5. Haha, sorry to disappoint but the answer's no. Thanks for the welcome though!
  6. How about a bikini phot then?
  7. Oi, Wrecker, why do you need a bikini shot when you ahve all those laydeez crowding 'round when everyone's gone? ;)
  8. Just for you, Wrecky! 8)


    You did mean the Atoll, didn't you? :wink:
  9. Have to replenish stocks when they get worn out you know :wink:
  10. Who wears them out? :p
  11. Hands off Rock Chic. Tim but Dim :wink: :wink: Sounds to classy for you :lol: :lol:
  12. Welcome Chick, get stuck in to the other forums aswell not just newbs.
  13. Some of us never leave the newbies section, it's safe in here, don't go outside. Stay with us!
  14. Too classy? Sat here in my boxers with a bottle of Magner's, I am the epitome of class, my good man.
  15. Lots of those of us who frequent the Newbies section aren't noobs at all! :D We just just love the noobs banter and bone questions. What better way to liven up one's day.....

    What size bag should I take?

    Can I take my pink handbag? (male would-be rating)

    Can I take me mum? :wink:

    Bless! :)
  16. Going for E(IS) / (TM) / W myself, what stage are you at at the moment if you don't mind my asking?
  17. scouse - I am indeed a classy lady, good call!

    thingy - I will try to avoid asking bone questions on here but I will think some up if you like?

    RO77 - I have had my initial interview and filled out an application form. Now need to book my RT etc so early days yet. I'm working on my running and service knowledge at the moment while I wait for the ball to start rolling. I still have my Ph.D. to finish so I have a bit more time to play with regarding the recruiting process but I wanted to get things started. What about yourself?
  18. Then what are you doing on RR? 8O
  19. Classy lady Pm Potential Officer!!!! Best Snotty to ever go through BRNC :wink: :wink: I had to train him up a bit on the University of Life. :wink: :wink: take no notice of the Doc :roll: :roll:

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