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Good afternoon, I'm after a little help.

Dr Merkin

The father of a friend of mine, sadly passed away last weekend, at the ripe old age of 93. The chap was a Royal Marine, and an absolute diamond. At present, there will be no representation at his funeral, from the Marines. I was pointed in this direction, by a helpful chap on the Arrse site. The guy was Sergeant Peter Newington RM (ret'd), his funeral is on the 15th of October, at St. Edmunds church, on the Avenue, in Southampton. I know I'm a noob, and this may come across as properly cheeky, but if anyone can help out / point me in the direction of someone who may be able to help me sort out something ( maybe just a flag for his coffin or something), The family and friends, and I would be eternally grateful. Thanks in advance for putting up with my ramble.

Yours emotionally Dr. M (a nickname, I'm not a doctor, or a pubic wig)

Dr Merkin

That's fantastic, I'm going to request a bugler. They are a brilliant bunch, and I'm sure they'll be blown away.

If anyone is interested, the Funeral will be held at St. Edmunds Church, 14 Rockstone Place, Southampton SO15 2 EQ, on Thursday 15th October, from 12:00 onwards. Once again, thanks for your assistance, it's much appreciated.
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Dr Merkin

Righto, thanks in no small part to you guys, it looks like the Sergeant is getting the hoofing send off he deserves. A Bugler will be attending, and we've also got some pall bearers (somehow :)). As a bonus, the weather looks set fair as well. Thanks once again.

Dr Merkin

Well, that was lovely. A very nice service, quite a few marines in attendance, a standard bearer, a union flag for the coffin, and a Bugler. Very emotional, but he got the send off he deserved. Thanks once again to all that helped.
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