gone but not forgotten

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by brazenhussy, Jan 5, 2007.

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  1. has anyone noticed how many of the old "drinking holes have gone or changed into poncey wine bar type bars?

    the Albany - closed
    The Cornerhouse - gone!
    The PR - bless, fond memories!
    and of course...................................Joanna's - naval school of dancing -
    a complete s**t hole - but such memories! bloody good giggles had in there!
  2. Boobs and the Old Chapel been sadly gone for years now too.
    Don't know about DSC cos i REFUSE to go anywhere near it ;)
  3. Ah, but Emma's is still in Gosport!

    However, I did shed a tear when they tore down the Belle Vue in Lee! :cry:
  4. Sign of the times we live in. We don't have the people to give them the trade anymore and I suspect there will be a few more going over the next few years too.

  5. Don't mention BOOBS! I spent the better part of the 'buffer's party' in Drake, trying to calm down a very upset stoker when it hit the news!!!
  6. I loved the Ritz....
    ice skating... music..my first kiss..sweet , sweet memories.....
    OMG.... how old am I !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Lol, the Guzz version of Spanners, couldn't help but trap in there ;)
  8. Anyone remember the Magic Stick (Majestic) in Guzz? Oh for the heady days of grab - a - gronk, sweaty fumbling and visits to the sick bay clap queue, just for a check up mind you.

  9. ooohhh 4got boobs!1
    but then i was a jesters rating im afraid!! ugh union st - many a drunken laugh down there- - - but still think Jo's was the best!!
    Flares / Bar-me / Walk about?? keep em - nothing compares!!!

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