Do you agree MLP should have his RR account restored.

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I would like to start a campain to get Monty back on RR, yes we had a minor spat but water under the bridge and all that.

He came up with some cracking dit's and always stimulated debate, not just here but across the whole board of RR.

His best asset is he is currently serving and has just done a second tour in the Stan so he can spout first hand knowledge of ops better than the watered down shite we get from the RN website, MOD spokespersons and NN, I am one of many PSOF who likes to keep abreast of what the modern RN is up to.

I am sure he is man enough to apologise to RR admin for whatever reason his account was pulled.

Get's my vote
Montigny_La_Palisse said:
Stirling has revived me!

It's alive!
Hi and welcome back (again)

Received the kiss of life from Pat, whoops, Stirling eh??

(The only trouble with giving that Kiss Of Life is when you get the Instruction picture upside down - Not Tasty at all :cry: )

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