"Goliath" arrives in Scotland

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Drakey, Mar 3, 2011.

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  1. Helping to build the navy of the future. Link
  2. Shame we couldn't have built the crane as well as the carriers.
  3. How bigs the crane thats going to lift the crane?
  4. Could be the one? A Gottwald AK680 owned by Sarens UK is based in nearby Middlesbrough. The crane is 80 metres (262 ft) high with a maximum of 1200 tonnes of superlift, requires 45 transport wagons to move it, and takes three days to set up using a 100 tonne crane.
  5. We are now a country that can't build a crane.....what a let down that is!
  6. We can build a crane with the Meccano15 Model Crane Set MC 6515 £18.01 (Incl VAT) Oh! bugger, just had a look that's made in China too.
  7. It's too laughable even to comment on.
  8. I wonder whatever they intend to do with it once it has finished its 'Carrier building role'?

    ......There must be a crane museum somewhere in the UK just begging for it.
  9. Its worse than that "Maccano " is made in France :sad3:

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