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Just read an article by Derek Lawrenson in the Mail (3 Oct 06), where he tells of the golf company Ping. They have dissociated themselves from golf stores in the Augusta area that offered discounts to military personnel, saying that they do not permit discounts as they wish to protect their brand.

I don't suppose I would ever buy a Ping product anyway, but it seems that the brand might not do terribly well if nobody bought it, in response to this miserly action.
Well I certainly will not be buying any Ping products, but that is down to the fact I don't play golf at all.

Many companies do not look on dicounting retailers kindlyand clearly Ping falls into that category, I have a suspicion that this is yet another bit of selective reporting and the company has equally attacked other retailers who give discounts. I could be wrong but our scaby tabloid press can be quite good at that and my first suspicion always rests with them.



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Surely Ping make Table Tennis balls anyway. :roll:

Seriously though - gutsy move. The majority of business in the states fall over themselves to look after their service personnel.

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