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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Scud, May 19, 2006.

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  1. We've all heard about the Golden Rivet, we've all been warned about it - has anyone actually had it tried on them on board ship?
  2. I heard that someone painted a gold rivet in the engine room of the royal yacht for a laugh, dunno if this is true or not, though I was told safeguard.
  3. Never been shown or shown the Golden Rivet, but, did show a young USN sailorette a good time on the Captains Chair on the bridge of a T42 in jebel Ali after the cessation of activities in 1991. 8)

    Another USN sailorette was caught with a stoker growing out of her mouth in one of the Olympus Module, this is however hearsay, and I cannot guarantee its authenticity. :oops:

    On another ship, much smaller, buff funnel line in the late 70's, a deaf and dumb "lady" from a small port in Holland, allowed her head to be put in the vice in the chippys workshop so she could entertain members of the duty watch, and very good she was too. :wink:
  4. I was on the old Ark when a stoker was found showing the Golden Rivet to the NAFFI manager!. Both were off the ship within 8 hours.
  5. I discussed this earlier seeking to gently warn a future Raleigh lad away from foolishness... Visit here.

    As I said, on board ship, a Golden Rivet has only been (unknowingly) tampered with with terrible consequences. Just a pity the contractors weren't there in 1959 whilst I was on Christmas leave... :lol:
  6. Tis true - never served on HMY but while RS on the Zulu, 1983, went round with the Yeoman one lunchtime to "borrow some radios" for our upcoming stint as Cowes Guardship. Had a great time in the POs Mess and got shown all over, including the immaculate white and shiny engine room - complete with a gold-painted rivet on a hull plate. Mind you, they were all shirtlifters on the Yacht. Can i say that?
  7. Brownhatters... shirtlifters..? Here you can get away with it Geoff. Just out of interest, how did you find out? :wink: :lol: Was it fun?

  8. What a fine question.......can't wait for the answer.
  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    GW has been transported to the Colonies for some aspect of his behaviour, it may be a while before we hear His answer 8O 8O 8O
  10. Had a tour of the Royal Yacht in 1991.

    Being very careful how I word this.......I have seen the Rivet, that was one of many rivets used in the construction of the Royal Yacht, that was in fact painted gold. Phew....

    It was in the engine room. Story was that Princess Margret asked to see the Golden Rivet and so one was created.
  11. Ah, ha, so he's got found out at last! :wink: I though it was all OK to be a gay matelot now. Seems a bit harsh transporting him for life to Canada just for broadening his mind whilst visiting HMY, after all, as he said, he was just there to collect some radios... Geoff, when you're released from the Convict Ship 'n' chains, heliograph us a signal and tell us that none of this is true!

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. Nor can the rest of us! :lol:
  13. Just because it's legal doesn't mean it's compulsory...
  14. I MUST go home and tell my missus and kids that I'm a brown clown then !!!

    I didn't realise, until now and, BTW. my first daughter was born just before I left her in '78, do you think she's mine ???? !!! :D :D :D

    Seriously though, in MY 2.5 years aboard Britannia btween '76 &-'78, there was NEVER any indication of there being any "walkers of the left hand path" being amongst the crew - civvy side YES - either of the two crews (permanent and ocean) NO !!! In actual fact, although the crew were supposed to have been "hand picked" there were a VERY large number of absolute ANIMALS aboard that would have graced ANY Pusser's Grey or Deeps messdeck !!! Don't judge a book by its' cover eh ?!! :lol:

    The Golden Rivet story IS true though. A certain member of the Royal Family heard the legend and wanted to see it so one was gold leafed with the same gold leaf that was used for the gold line around the hull !!.
  15. The Duke of Windsor, or the Duke of York?


  16. You're OK Fletch. As Geoff said, his excursion was in 1983, so obviously the RN in their wisdom were more selective of the matelots they chose to accompany The Firm. I'll be interested to hear his explanation for how he came to learn this in such a short space on board her, once he's disembarked into his new Colonial living space. :wink:

  17. LOL !!!

    I meant a certain FEMALE member.............................

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  18. Its true! although the engines have been taken out, the old Golden Rivet is still there to this day. I fact I am going on board for a reunion in June, so I will double check and let you know :wink:
    Cheers, Smudger.
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Spent a lot of time looking at when you (were) served aboard eh! Smudger

    :oops: 8O :roll:
  20. Hi Janner, See you found me lurking around in here Eh :? I am going to take some photos at the reunion, I will see if I can get a picture of it :wink:
    Cheers, Smudger.

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