Golden Rivet would like it to be known ...

golden_rivet said:
that she will not be setting her 19 year old lover up in business ...
Let me be the first to offer this genuine heartfelt opinion...

And we care why exactly?
Old RR/ROMFT codgers out of luck for the last slow dance/fumble at the next RR/ROMFT social?
Or should we campaign on your 'lover's' behalf so that he/she can be taken off the Refugees/Asylum Seekers Appeal Board list and given gainful employment by you as chief clunge cobweb remover?
wet_blobby said:
Is it just me or does anyone else enjoy the irony of a politicians wife shagging out of watch?
I also enjoy watching a male politician, with a reputation for beating his wife half way across Northern Ireland for the last decade, smash his career to pieces because he beat his missus into the arms of another man.

He's a vile cunt. Allegedly
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