Golden Eagle, Weymouth

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by watton, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. Anybody remember the Golden Eagle Pub in Weymouth,
    Jimmy Rocky Thunder singing Jack the Ripper, then on to the steering wheel club to piss the night away. Spent most of the 80s at Portland on 829 sqdn and two tours on Hms Plymouth flight.
  2. Jumpin Jimmy !! What a showman, Shame he never made it onto something like Stars in their eyes :p

    The Golden eagle is long gone,, Debenhams and a few other stores are along that strip now, The white hart is still going strong tho'.
  3. Thats to far back for me, how ever, I did on occasion run into the 'Bird man' in Gus. Last known where abouts;

  4. My haunt was the Black Dog in Weymouth - and when all else failed we drank Vips!
  5. A.K.A "The Shirley Bassey"
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Jumping Jimmy Thunder, theres a name I haven't heard for a while, Rock Star at night , Dustman for the day job. I live fairly close to Weymouth and haven't seen or heard anything of him, when the Eagle closed he moved over to another Pub but I can't remember which one

    There was another Loon doing the rounds at the same time, used to do impressions, his idea of a lawn mower needed several pints to appreciate it

    By way of the edit button
    The Impressionist was one Chris Peach.
  7. Too brahmsed at the time to remembeer the names. Only one that come to mind is the "Province of Natal" Believe it's now a half way house for ex crims
  8. My haunt in 1970 was the Kings Arms, just across the Town Bridge, beside the harbour........ Pint of Devenish 1/10d, to wash down a schooner of the Parsnip Wine (10d). Luckily I lived in a little flat about 97 yards away!

    I'm still in Dorset and visit Weymouth occasionally - Black Dog still there, along with its huge collection of cap tallies - and I'm sure it's the same coat of paint that it had 35 years ago. Victoria Bars still looks about the same and most of the other bars are still extant, plus a few 'trendy' additions.
  9. After the demise of the Golden Eagle 'Jumpin Jimmy' was transferred to the Star and Garter in Crescent Street. This pub is now no longer but Jumpin is still around and does the odd 'turn' now and again. Next time I hear anything I will post it.
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Then there was Crystal, the Girl with the wandering eye (just the one you understand, the other one was alright), Crystal was alledgedly a Singer, She was so good that the Bouncers removed her from the stage at Bowlays when She refused to stop :roll:
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Province of Natal has been converted into quite high priced Flats, there was talk of it being a doss house, sorry shelter for the great unwashed, but there was such an outcry that for once common sense prevailed.
    My understanding was that the Hotel was originally given to the RN by the people of Natal, if thats the case, does anyone know what happened to the money obtained when it was sold?
  12. Went to Weymouth when i was in the Navy and i go back there often with the army . I worked a Summer on the Door at Harry's . Great time , on course at Bovington during the day , working at Harrys at night . Had a greatr course report as well . Something to do with letting all the D AND M instructors in for nothing . Black dog is still there.
    Of course the palce is mainly army now hardly any Jack about . Of course you get the tribes of scousers in the summer on therer holidays .
  13. Ol' Jumping Jimmy also used to 'perform' in the Portland Roads quite a lot in the early to mid 90's. Not been back down that way since they moved the FOST empire in 1993.

    Used to love the 'Eagle' and Weymouth in general. Was a great run ashore, especially in the summer when it was toppers with fanny. Pubs I used to frequent were 'Black Dog', 'The Cavalier', The Ship Inn and then of course the 'Tiller Flat' nightclub for after hours scuppering.
  14. I see you were on 829 in the 80's. I also was on there from 81 t0 86 as a AEM(L) I was L2 on Galatea. I seem to remember someone with your surname on there but then I may be wrong
  15. Ol Jumpin Jimmy, Weymouths answer to the "King". It was lucky he never started his turn til late when we were all too pissed to notice the bum notes!!

    Not a bad run ashore Weymouth, but second best to Guzz epecially in the late 60s/early 70s. and no decent oggies.
  16. Was'nt there also a bloke who used to do Freddie Mercury impressions - he was even pictured at one of the queen concerts and appeared in the Sun, don't know his name but he was very good!
  17. Who remmembers the Harbour club right next to the bridge, been in a few scraps there, and it was always fun to piss on the dance floor from the hole in the roof above where you could buy chips and burgers.
    To the AEM(L) on the wasp flight i was the M2 on plymouth the L2 at the time was Andy Allsopp, do you remmember Al Mellet, Pat Devlin, Brian Pummel, Chris walters, Bernie Cranny, Nick Waterhouse, thats a few i remmember, do you remmember more. Who was the grubber on your flight?
  18. Yep Watton I remember the old harbour club, but as a Greenie it was classed as uncouth not to go to the toilet, but we know what you grubbers are like. I was in the Black Dog a while back and was saddened to see that they have merged all the bars into one, gone are the days of Sanny trying to sing in the cap tally bar when Malcolm was the landlord. Half of the pubs in weymouth have changed now and for the worse I may add, I say the rot started when the wasp was taken out of service and all the old hands got scattered to the other air stations(thank god I had left by then)
  19. Bird man ! i remeber him getting his kit off on the balcony of the Street. he allways used to sing 'There she was a walking down the St' very loudly and very badly.Saw him about a year ago in a crowded pub on the barbican. he rubbed his penis into the back of my wife. I bought him a drink for old times sake. :D
  20. Yep! That would be him then :wink:

    The good times are back!

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