Golden chance for home nations?


War Hero
I reckon a bet on some of the home nations against the Wallabies and All blacks is a good shout.

They both had poor tri-nations campaigns, culminating in the last game being the wooden spoon decider between themselves. The Wallabies are a bit like the French, you never know what team is going to turn up. Robbie Deans the coach (a kiwi who many believe should have replaced Henry as the AB's coach) is on borrowed time in my opinion and I reckon he's lost the backing of senior players...sacking them as captain etc doesn't help, they are there for the taking.

The All Blacks, don't read too much into the French win down here,(I was at that game but drunkenly missed most of it trying to find NZB who'd got lost going to the heads. :p ..) The AB's had most of the team missing due to injury and are always crap in the opening game of the season, I'll be putting money on Ireland next June and a little bit more on Wales down in Dunners the week after. They do however still have a huge problem with the forwards, especially at the set play, the lineout is shocking. (Ali Williams is sorely missed) Without the forwards winning the ball the backs may as well prance about like pretty boys without a date on prom night.

One thing the northern hemisphere is renown for is forward play, tough times for the tourists I feel.
No chance mate :D
I think the southern hemisphere teams will be too strong for the 6 nations sides. Specially if they throw the ball around and not kick the ball away all the time.


War Hero
Nah, think your wrong there fella. Keep the ball tight and deny the southern hemisphere's backs a sniff and your laughing, that and off course the high ball against the child the ozzies have at fullback.... :lol: 8)
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