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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by WreckerL, Dec 9, 2015.

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  1. Got into a conversation about gold teeth, although a serious question I thought Lil's was the best place for this.

    I have one, and have told my sons it's the family heirloom and all they're getting from me when I snuff it, which led on to...

    What happens to your gold teeth when you snuff it?

    Do they bury you with them? If so I'm off to buy a metal detector and a shovel.

    If you're cremated, they don't end up in the urn, so where do they go??
  2. In some crematoriums, what's left gets scooped up, put into a bin and off to recycling.....including certain metals!
  3. Someones making a lot of money then!!
  4. I think your kids will have to avail themselves of a pair of pliers before they wave you off!

    From the burial guide, and assuming that teeth are classed as medical implants:

    Metal residue from nails, screws, staples, jewellery, medical implants or items placed in coffins, survives the cremation process in various forms. These are removed following the processing of the cremated remains and are interred in the grounds of the crematorium. At the present time metal residue and medical implants are not recycled
  5. Metal detector and shovel it is then :)
  6. Get cremated with a coffin full of fireworks. The duty burning sentry will cack himself.

    And your tooth will be taken with you.
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  7. I was starting to wonder why so many hearses on their way to Weston Mill cemetery were stopping outside Cash Converters in Plymouth city centre.
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  8. Marsh Mills B&Q never have any pliers on the shelf either.
  9. Asian culture demands it, pays the funeral expenses.

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