Gold Rip Off

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. There is a news article on the BBC today about the 'Post it' gold companies that are advertising on the television at the moment.
    The BBC took some gold to a broker and he valued it at £290, the price he would pay you for it. They then sent it off to the advertising companies to see what they would offer and the best that came back was £67.

    And we are told loan sharks are bad.
  2. And the BBC found that surprising? The whole point about these sorts of "companies" is that they appeal to greed and laziness.

    Why waste time wandering up and down the street to find a reputable gold merchant when you can nip out from in front of your TV for 10 minutes to post a parcel and wait for the cash to come back? That way you also don't miss much of your favourite episode of Cash in the Attic or Bargain Hunter!

    Cynical or what?
  3. But you average low life scumbag thief/junky wont have a bank account to pay the cheque in!!
  4. Hmmmm

    Disappointed I thought this was to be another thread about Gordon selling of our gold reserves at the bottom of the market.
  5. To be fair to these companies, they will take UNWANTED gold as well as wanted gold, which must make the gold feel the love. :D
  6. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    More often the poor and uneducated.

    Still the gold bullion I bought in January is showing a good return, I don't think I'll be posting it in an envelope to "the internet" when I sell it though. :wink:
  7. If its in your house, I have a mask, two deck has a gun, and we both love gold. :wink:
    Now put your fcukin hands behind your head and lie on the floor.
    Phew, thats better. :twisted:
  8. If you're that daft to use these lot, same as loan sharks, you deserve what you get.
  9. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    If you an find it you can have it, I don't even know exactly where it is, it's in a Via Mat vault, well actully it's in a few Via Mat vaults and would probably cost me more to collect than it's worth!

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