Gold Panning

Yes there is gold in Britain lots of it and you too can go collect some for your very own. Instead of trekking over all those moors to get to the top of some hill , you,ve get a point for doing it.
Plus Welsh gold is worth £50 a gramm or more .
Scottish gold is worth £25 to £50.
All details of how to do it and where in Britain and abroad with links to goldpanners and prospectors worldwide are in a site I administer.
Sorry about the long long addy. My photo site showing some gold rivers ive panned and unnamed ones ive found last year can be seen at a photo site. The name I used to gain access to my photo,s is goldauric.
Remember your going around the world to places where there is gold to be had at least if intrested learn how to do it properly and I,d love to here your experiances in World Gold Forum.
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