'Going to war was the right thing to do'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Oil_Slick, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. Ah, such selective memories by the Dear Leader…

    "I have a tremendous sympathy with the Falklanders' cause, but if it is the case, which I think it is now, that we are faced with an option between compromising and really a full-scale war, then I think realistically we have got to say that we are prepared to compromise"

    Anthony Charles Lynton Blair -prospective Labour candidate for Sedgefield.
  2. That speaks volumes of the man.
  3. Maggie still has time to meet personnel from the Falklands days, despite her reported illness and her age, but are any of the current lot meeting those personnel, wounded or otherwise, from Iran/Afghanistan ? - Not likely...

    Instead we have Beckett toadying up to the Argies - a thing NuLiebour is well trained for - toadying up to all and sundry except for their own people.
  4. Well Blair would say that, the Falklands conflict could have been avoided and Blair hanging on to Bush's shirt tail dragged our forces into the Iraq war, therefore he and Thatcher have something in common which is the lack of sound judgment. As for his pathetic comment that more of our troops lost their lives in the Falklands than they have so far in Iraq is IMO beneath contempt.
  5. I wouldnt piss on the bloke to put him out if he was on fire,might throw a few gallons of 4 star on him though!!!
  6. I see the Dear Leader was up at Rosyth today wrapping himself in a little reflected glory from the Falklands War…

    Quote: "It's a day to reflect on just how much, as a country, we owe to our armed forces,"

    Yes you do you crooked barsteward, now cough up
  7. Sounds a bit like Haig in WW1 "we are bound to beat the Germans we have more in our country than their's"

    So who is counting numbers??

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