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Just wondered if you have alot of say in going to sea... basically I wanna go to sea soon as possible after training and wondered if you'd have a say in where or when you wanted to go??
Also will time at sea accelerate possibility of promotion?
Would any of this depend on what branch your going for? I'm wanting to be a MCD, hopefully get a joining date some time next year!

Thanks for the help....or the sarcy comments...


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As you will be fresh from training, it is within the RN's best interest to get you to sea. I stand by to be corrected but you have to join a diving unit before commencing sea time on a ship. That could either be southern or northern diving groups. Then after that you will join a ship either in Scotland or Portsmouth.
Your first job could be at sea or on a team although the the majority of billets are ashore. More background here:

Professional training
During your 20-week diving training, you’ll be trained to the highest professional military standards, learning about diving theory and equipment and making practice dives in the 1000 metre Horsea Lake and Portsmouth Harbour. You’ll also be trained in open-water search techniques, beach reconnaissance, mine-clearance measure diving and basic mine warfare. You’ll use the latest equipment to dive to your maximum depth and perfect underwater engineering and video skills
Depending on the needs of the Royal Navy, you’ll then join a mine countermeasures vessel, or a shore-based diving team for your first experience of front-line diving work.


OK cheers, would i have much say as to which diving group i go to? guessing not too much...
Also do divers spend alot of time at sea generally?


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Each rank has a minimum time before you can be considered for promotion tied to this for my old branch (CIS) you also had to have sea time under your belt and from Memory as a PO you has to have a years sea time and I think it was 2 as a killick so it all helps

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