Going to school 'not compulsory'

What a brilliant ploy.
Now we will have the Chavs educating the next generation.
Lets have a weekly timetable for the Chav Education System

0800-1000 Lie in bed
1030 -1100 Coca cola & fag break (spliffs for parents)
1100-1130 Sums (How to check your giro)
1130-1200 English (Filling out benefit form page 1)
1200-1330 Mcdonalds for Lunch
1330-1400 English (benefit form page 2)
1400-1500 Art (using tippex to correct sums and English forms)
1500-1600 Practical job Training (shoplifting practise at Lidle)
1630-1700 Mobile phone instruction (phone call to solicitor)

Now how about Tuesday to Fridays timetable?

Assembly: In hoods outside the local shops
Geography: Terrorising the local community
History: Police and Criminal Record update
PSHE: Get 13 yr old girlfriend preggers/Get preggers by spotty 15 yr old
P.E. : General burglary at ground level and above ground level followed by sprints
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