Going To Falklands ?



It's only news if we read that ALL of our Submarines have gone there! It's a non-story
Love to see this real expensive Dauntless Destroyer get a green grenade from an Argentine diesel boat cause sonar wise it f---- useless
Seeing as Argentina are down to their last Fray Bentos tin of beef, are their Latin American allies able to side militarily with them? Just a thought.


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Sea Fleet

The surface fleet of the Argentine Navy is under the command of the Sea Fleet Command . The maintenance of the ships is made at Tandanor and Rio Santiago shipyards and in the main naval base Puerto Belgrano.
Combat ships

Destroyers (DDG)
Almirante Brown-class (MEKO 360)
* ARA Almirante Brown (D-10)
* ARA La Argentina (D-11)
* ARA Heroina (D-12)
* ARA Sarandi (D-13)
Hercules-class (Type 42 destroyers)
* ARA Santisima Trinidad (D-2) - in reserve
Frigates (classified by the Argentine Navy as "corvettes")
Espora -class (MEKO 140)
* ARA Espora (P-41)
* ARA Rosales (P-42)
* ARA Spiro (P-43)
* ARA Parker (P-44)
* ARA Robinson (P-45)
* ARA Gomez Roca (P-46)
Drummond -class (D'Estienne d'Orves class)
* ARA Drummond (P-31)
* ARA Guerrico (P-32)
* ARA Granville (P-33)
Large Patrol Vessels
Murature -class
* ARA Murature (P-20)
* ARA King (P-21)
Fast Attack Craft
Intrepida -class
* ARA Intrepida (P-85)
* ARA Indomita (P-86)
Patrol Boats
Baradero -class
* ARA Baradero (P-61)
* ARA Barranqueras (P-62)
* ARA Clorinda (P-63)
* ARA Concepcion del Uruguay (P-64)
Support ships

Supply ship (AOR)
ARA Patagonia (B-1)
Amphibious Command Ship (LCC)
ARA Hercules (B-52) - formerly a Type 42 destroyer, reconverted to fast Marine transport and command vessel.
Amphibious Assault Vessel (LKA)
ARA Bahia San Blas (B-4)
Icebreaker (AGOS)
ARA Almirante Irizar (Q-5)
Oceanographic Ship
ARA Puerto Deseado (Q-20)
Auxiliary Ships' ARA Teniente Olivieri(A-2)
Comandante General Irigoyen(A-1)
Francisco de Gurruchaga(A-3)
Suboficial Castillo(A-6)
Alferez Sobral(A-9)
Ciudad de Zarate(Q-61)
Ciudad de Rosario(Q-62)
Punta Alta(Q-63)
School Ship
Submarine Force

The COFS consists of the following submarines:
Santa Cruz-class (TR-1700) * ARA Santa Cruz (S-41)
San Juan (S-42)
Salta-class (Type 209) * ARA Salta (S-31)
1 Tactical Divers Group (
Buzos Tacticos'')
1 Rescue Ship
1 Patrol Boat

The two TR1700 class boats are new since the Falklands, built in Germany 1984/1985, they look to have a reasonable capability, very fast re load time for torpedoes. Argentinia have two more on the stocks which are reported as 70 and 30 per cent complete with building suspended
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They had the T42's last time they had a go ... trouble was the couldn't get spares so they were fcuked alongside the wall which by Janners list looks to be still the case ... in reserve = fcuked! Either that or they've canniballed one to get the other one going as a LLC.

As for a Sub going down South ... they'll never know will they .... till its too late! :-D
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