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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by djcopio, Oct 16, 2010.

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  1. Seeing as I start SMQ north in the none too distant future (courtesy of a good seeing off by my oppo), I thought I might ask the wise assembled heads of Rum Ration what the benefits of working on bombers might be. So far, all I've got is that it's at the wrong end of the country, when I qualify and get my first patrol in, I get a rather chad looking septic style badge, and that's all people seem to know. That said, most all of the guys I've spoken to have been T-boat rates, so I'm probably getting a distorted view. Right?

    Positives of V-boats/Faslane please. Please?
  2. The benefits of bombers? Is there any?
    OK be positive!!!
    You know where you are from one years end to the next.
    Leave, holidays etc can be booked.
    Lots of time off between patrols. Do bombers still have two crews?
  3. Good food, plenty of space, shopping malls.......
  4. Easy to plan your life, space onboard, yes most are still 2 crews. Faslane is ok plenty to do now new mess built. And I am sure you will enjoy it.
  5. I'm mainly looking forward to getting to sea at all. It's just not quite what I was hoping for at this stage of the career... Still, dripping never solved anything right? As a future RO, hoping the shack is a bit roomier than the one on the T we went aboard a while back. Just hope there will be room for my aquarium and running track, a la Crimson Tide...
  6. In what sense is it not quite what you were hoping for at this stage of your career?
  7. Well, T's are closer to home, and as I'm young free and single(ish) I was hoping to get some runs ashore in far flung places.
  8. Without giving too much away I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the size of the W/T shack...

    The swimming pool is a bit on the small side, mind :D
  9. Remaining T's will all be Faslane based by end of 2016 along with 3 or 4 A's
  10. Unless your a missile mary you're not nailed to bombers. You can slap in for SSN's once your qualified, no guarentee you'll get them but just keep on asking.
  11. You get a nice patrol pin to wear eventually. :roll:

    Not that I'm bitter cos us on O boats didnt get one.
  12. I've been in Faslane for about 18 months. Like you I came up North from Raleigh to do SMQ Dry. I got my Dolphins 4 months ago. So here is a bit of a general run down on the place, and PM me if you have any questions.

    About the surrounding area:
    Faslane is situated aprox 6 miles from the nearest train station being in Helensburgh. Helensburgh is the nearest main town, however only 1 mile up the road is Garelochhead which has a pub and a indian takeaway and a chinese takeaway. Helensburgh is the nearest town for your pubs, bars, restaurants. It has a Subway, Costa Coffee and a small Tesco. A Taxi to Helensburgh is aprox £11-12 each way and takes about 10 mins. From Helensburgh you can get a train to Dumbarton, which about 20 minutes on the train and £3.50 for a return train ticket. Dumbarton has a few super stores like ASDA, Argos, Marks and Spencers food, Homebase, Halfords, Morrisons, KFC, Mcdonalds, Dominoes Pizza. Clydebank is another 10 minutes down the line via train and has a shopping centre that is decent. Glasgow is only 40 minutes on the train from Helensburgh, and it's a wicked city and always have a really good night out there. Loads of great nightclubs, bars, shopping centres, concerts etc. So the surrounding area is OK, but Helensburgh is just far away enough that you wouldn't really go there every day. The base puts on base transport into town daily. I think they are roughly 0800, 1130, 1430, 1700, and one a bit later in the evening. They also put a bus on that goes from the Base, to Married Patch in Helensburgh, Helensburgh train station then Glasgow International Airport. I can get a train home in about 4-5 hours.

    About Faslane accomodation:
    Faslane has great accomodation, I've been in the accom at Drake and the accom here is far superior. As SMQ Dry you will be in shared accomodation, which is very similar in style and facilities to the single accomodation except you'll have 6 guys per room. It's good for studying, and quite social. Theres also a classroom on the 1st floor in the SMQ accomodation block which has whiteboards. Spent many hours in there every evening trying to learn all the Firefighting and Hydraulic Systems. SMQ accomodation has communal showers. It's called Linton Block, and is on the front row, right opposite the Super Mess. SMQ Accom is only the first 2 floors of Linton Block, the other 4 floors are single accom. A quick one on single accom, you have a double bed, big wardrobe, a desk, chair, chest of draws, bedside cabinet and a TV table, also get wall shelves, a notice board, a massive storage cupboard and en-suite with walk in shower, toilet and sink. Cleaners come by twice a week to clean your cabin and change the bins/bog rolls. Communal facilities include a kitchen with washing machine, dryer, microwave oven and fridge freezer.

    The Supermess and other facilities:
    The Supermess is pretty brand new. We've only just gone Pay As You Dine, the scran isn't as good as it used to be but it's still better than Raleigh scran. The Supermess has a JR's bar and a all ranks Bar which is what we normally go to at lunch times with the PO's. They also serve food but it's more burgers and chips so don't really reccomend it with a healthy diet. Just stick to the lunchtime pint. Theres a Naafi which is very expensive, but is quite big and has a decent assortment of items and booze. Theres a hair dressers, a coffee shop, a bowling alley, ski slope, a camping outdoor type of shop, and a new shop opening which will sell sportsware. Moving onto other facilities: the gym. The Gym is really decent with daily circuits, and spinning classes 3 times a week. Theres loads of sports teams, football, rugby, boxing etc.

    Now about the boats.
    I've only been down a T-boat twice, but the first impression you'll get when you go down a bomber is that they are much spacier, much more luxury with a full gym including a treadmill, 4 bikes, 4 rowing machines, weight bench, boxing bag and space to do little sprints up and down. We also rigged some weight bars up using rope so you could do pull ups. Everyone gets a bed on patrol, no hot bunking. Unless you are SMQ then you will probably sleep on camp beds on 3 deck. Another positive about bombers is that you are normally 2 crews, so you have an oncrew and offcrew period. I'm on my off crew at the moment and I've had about 4 months leave. I know when I'm going to sea for the next 2 years and can plan my life accordingly.

    Negatives (that I know of):

    No jollies, except for the odd trip to USA. Faslane is mainly all Marines, and theirs about 5 wrens on the whole base. Helensburgh on a night out is a laugh but it's basically a massive sausage party. You'll struggle to pull unless you seriously lower your standards. I've seen some pretty rats obese splits getting pulled by big hunky Marines. With regards to the jollies, you get so much time off that you'll spend a lot of time going abroad on holidays. Most lads have had about 3 holidays each this summer. When you can get 7 days somewhere nice for £600 and you're getting paid £1500 net a month when you're qualified and you've been at sea for 3-4 months saving, (plus your £5000 golden hello) you're going to have a real good first off-crew when you come back ;)
  13. Seems a jolly good place to be!
  14. Cleaners come by twice a week to clean your cabin and change the bins/bog rolls. 8O :eek:
    I hope they do it up to Rounds standard or is that a thing of the past now :?:
  15. Wow, wasnt expecting life to be so.....butlins :p

    Certainly food for thought. Might aim for the T or A boats when I eventually get in and reach that stage
  16. Oh for the days of Miss Crystals 3rd Division (North) canteen, the Hoolie Bar, Sunday dinner time seshes in the Garelochead, crashing out in the Church of Turkey - no fun in Faslane anymore !!!!!
  17. And it's always p1ssing down except for two weeks of the year when you get eaten alive by the mossies (and oyster catchers squealing all night) :wink:
  18. Now that is a good summary. I'll vouch for Leathers - sound chap.
  19. Rounds? We only do cabin rounds once a year. The cleaners just tend to drop off fresh loo rolls, empty the gash, give the heads a scrub and have a quick wipe round.

    They invite themselves in. If you are laying on your bed with your headphones in furiously masturbating with your eyes shut and when you're done and theres fresh loo rolls on the side you are in for a awkward moment next time she comes by.

    I swear the MOD try and employ the most rats cleaners imaginable. Must be some nice girls round here looking for employment, with possibility for some great tips :twisted:
  20. If Faslane is as described here why would you want to go to sea?
    We thought introducing the automat was fantastic!

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