Going Native

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Jun 24, 2010.

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  1. Tribal Wives.
    A TV series in which your average everyday British female gets a swap-draft to some mud hut in a mosquito infested jungle somewhere in the third world. She's got to blend in, do what they do and suddenly "see the light" and realise that she's got to be a better person and love everyone. Why don't they reverse it and send M'Dinga S'wamooloo Matabongolo of the Da-Doo-Ron-Ron Tribe over here and set her up in a council house full of sponging chavs just on the outskirts of Southsea? Her adopted family could then teach her how to roll her own fags, use the kids as a distraction whilst thieving victuals from the local Cost-Cutter and how to blag stuff off Littlewoods catalogue. Miss Matabongolo would then have the necessary education to get her entire tribe out of the jungle and on to the Council Estate. Much better than sending a fairly good looking British Bint out to some tribe in Papua New Guinea, where she absolutely refused to conform to all their tribal ways and get her tits out, as she should have done last night.

  2. Fair point.

    I only saw one. It was some tart dumped on some poor buggers on the Uzbeck Plains. My only interest was if the Western dressed bloke (or his son) got to shag her. Number one Wife certainly had her marked.

    I must find the remote control. It's got to be in the house somewhere.
  3. Look around,they're already doing it in just about every fcukin town in the UK

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