going.. leaving.. going.. leaving

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by brazenhussy, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. see we all do it-------

    we're leaving....................... "i hate the mods- delete my account"------ ooh but im back within 3 months..........

    "i'm leaving im hacked off" =----------------- back in a bit!!!!!!!!!!!

    so dont judge people------ and u know who im aiming at......................
  2. Have you forgotten to take your Meds.,

    Matron will be alone soon OK :thumright: :thumright:
  3. Must admit I'm with Pinch on this one. What ARE you going on about gel?
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    It'll be Hig :dwarf:
  5. Ahh!
    Cheers Janner, had an alzheimers moment then! :)
  6. BH
    Most people had forgotten about you flouncing out in a huff and then crawling back. I wonder why you've chosen to bring the subject up again?
  7. Attention seeking, what else?
  8. Sounds like plain old shite stirring to me.
  9. And of course I can`t possibly comment, I would be accused of STARTING a hate mod thread.

  10. Oooooo,can we,please?Can we,Can we?Please,please!
  11. Try all you want Hig and Andy, you'll not beat my score hahahahahaha.
  12. surely BH doesnt RHIP - youre a MOD just whislte up a flet of MOD's and kill kill kill.
  13. Before anyone thinks about kicking this off again, the reason that i returned is simply that, to be slagged of in my absence, is not on and i surely have a right to reply, why this thread has been started i really do not know, but let me quote what i posted in the mod thread where i was abused in my absence.

    Well i never, the arseholes back.

    I have just read through this thread and must say that i am disappointed, It`s nice to be talked about when you are not here, but a lot of you are not as nasty as you can be.

    Now before i start, let me ask ALL of you to find a thread that I started where i slagged off a Mod, when you have found it please post it. If you are not able to do that, don`t apologise, you will only belittle yourself. For those of the Mods that are not able to understand what was written, the keyword is Started.

    I must be the only person on here that has been slagged off by the CO`s, because even when they admit that i was gang raped they still defended their Mods.

    Before you tell me to feck of back to romft, please broaden your horizons, try Ckockheads .com. 800squadron, Fleet Air Arm and Navyoppos.

    As you all know i have no problem with 75% of the Moderators on this site, most are fair and logical, the only real problem that i have, is that when we had Diamond Lil`s (Two Votes) check it out. And i suggested something like a site where anything goes, The Dockyard Canteen for example, it was laughed at, now we have the gash barge, who`s idea was that? and why is it moderated?

    I leave the ball in your court, either come up with the goods or let it go.

    Now posts get deleted i am aware of that, sometimes for no reason
    But if posts were deleted and the first post was altered, tell me, is that moderation or censorship?
    It would`nt happen on here would it? Read and understand what i have highlighted, PM from Seadog

    There is no point, you will NEVER answer any of the things that i ask you,

    Why on Earth would I answer a complaint you make to the COs?

    The reasons I deleted your post are given. Mine was altered because there was more to say and a better way of saying it. Remember, it isn't just for your benefit.
    Hig, tell it to the COs. They own the site. Complain to them. Tell them I don't answer your questions and you are insulted. In fact I'm sick of spoon feeding you answers to your bone questions with links and context etc. only for you to ask why again and again. I can only assume that you are second only to norman in the championship league of dense and ignorant.

    From your pathetic lowlife.
  14. I left a site once, (no names no pack drills), I did it VERY publicly, I deleted every post I had ever made (took ages, very childish, but fun) made a final post explaining why I was leaving and went. I did try to return as someone asked what my final post had said, but I had not kept a draft and had forgotten the content (it was quite a long one fnar fnar) but my account was locked. It was a site I got a lot of pleasure from, but for reasons I will not go into I felt I had no option but to jump ship. I hope it is still going strong, and that the membership are still enjoying the banter.

    However, the human race has the ability to change its mind, and if members who have expressed they are leaving RR wish to return, that is their choice, whether it be HTP, AAC/Thingy, BH etc etc
  15. Well Higs me old mate welcome back. Ah when will you be promoted to MOD? Or is that a secret?
  16. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    higthepig asked:

    That didn't take long. A RR search, keyword 'mods' author 'higthepig' returns 58 posts, first one I looked at is first in the thread.
  17. If that's the best you can come up with Seadog then you may as well retire. that was not a slagging of Mods post it was more a reason for leaving.
    Now if you can find a proper post good luck. You will find a few from me slagging off Mods however.
  18. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    and so it goes on. Public airing of long running and somewhat petty grievances is not really appropriate. By all means carry on but do it outside.... metaphorically speaking that is.
  19. Well said SF :thumright:
  20. Nice attempt Seadog, but no cigar, i have always said that some people on here can read, but they don`t understand what it is that they have read.

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