Going it Alone, New Servers and Donations

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Good_CO, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. As we face the cost of 2 new servers and an outrageously expensive firewall, we decided to add the possibility to donate to RR rather than just ARRSE. So if you like us and want to contribute to the site (and keeping the admins motivated :) ), please consider throwing something in the hat.


  2. Thanks bosses! Going to have to wait till the gods pay again, already donated via arrse this month :wink:

    But popped a few bob in for now.
  3. Here is the request please donate to RR

    Here is the problem. I do not have a PayPal Account and having tried to open one I have no intentions of trying again. I have to do it in Spanish

    Solution: I have an UK Credit card

    Problem: My Billing address is in Spain your system will not allow me to donate as it only accepts billing addresses with a UK Post Code I don't have one of them.

    I will have to retain my money.

  4. I know what you mean Nutty, I have had endless bother with poorly written interactive sites which insist on you obeying their view of the world. I have found several that offered the Victorian Scottish county names, such as Haddingtonshire for East Lothian and so on.

    I am sure in thefullness of time they will find a way to let you chip in.
  5. I opened a paypal account with a Cypriot address, mind you my card is Cypriot too :lol:

    Nutty - you can always send a donation via a cheque/draft, I think??
  6. I thought you could put money into your paypal account by doing an electronic transfer from your bank account (very easy if you use online banking, in this country anyway). Don't ask me how, but I am told this is possible. You can then donate by paypal. I don't think you have to have a credit card, but of course I could be talking complete sh*te.
  7. Brains (Why did you pick that name)

    You are not reading wot I wrote. To open a Paypal Account in UK you have to have a UK address and post code. To open a Paypal account in Spain is simple if you have a Spanish address and a good grasp of written IT Spanish when we all know IT people use words that do not mean the same thing in every day life. I have spent between 10 and 12 hours trying to open a Paypal account in the UK or Spain let alone operate it in Spanish.

    Some credit card billing systems require that your billing address must have a UK post code that matches that your credit card supplier holds as your billing address. I am in Spain hence no post code hence no dosh to RR.

    Oh stupid me I forgot to say my spoken Spanish has reached the stage where I am out of the egg but still a very very small fledgling. The locals are so sweet that when you stumble with you Spanish, after about four words they jump in to help you with English, this does not advance the learning curve much.


    PS I await sensible suggestions
  8. joder macho, es facil!

    I'll have a deeper dig into paypal - Thanks JD, much appreciated and will sort medals tomorrow when I have a moment. Same for anyone else who did it via arrse before.
  9. I can't get my purchased medal to display. I've tried clicking the reload button but nothing happens. My money's been accepted though. Please, what's gone wrong? :? :?

  10. As per the delightful G_CO's post;

    He will sort the medals out later tonight/tomorrow :wink:
  11. Sorry for the delay and thank you for all the donations. I need to do the medals manually which I'll be able to do in about 2 hours time. Cub's honour!
  12. I've just given a fiver, but was in my mum's paypal account name, can you change it to me!
  13. Seen that (thank you) and will be at the medal button shortly. While we're on the subject, for those interested I'll post about the benefits of all this on a separate server thread in this forum.
  14. Good_CO

    I can send a UK bank cheque in GBP's or by way of internet transfer from HSBC Bank.

    But to whom or where????????????????????????????


    PS if it is easier I could send you a persoanl cheque for £25 and after it has cleared you could put the dough in.
  15. Bosses, I know PayPal is great but there is a new payment method that is on fire within Europe and proving to be very popular. This is Click2Pay, or would this be too hard to launch?
  16. I will have a look. Thanks
  17. Were did my name go! I just didn't want my mum's full name on the front page of rumration, my nicknameis fine!
  18. Forgive a semi-old ex jack for asking, but as I do not put card details over the ether, can I send a cheque ?

  19. Thanks for the info, who 'owns' RR and decides in which direction it goes? Tried to find this info on the site but probably wasnt looking in the right place.

    I asked this on another thread re the new servers but this seems a more popular thread......
  20. If you where being really thick and donated without logging in first, can you still add that to your medal count?

    I have the e-mail from paypal as proof if need be.

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