Going into week 5 any Q any 1 ??

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by chardy, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. jus past week 4 going into week 5, any 1 wanna now anyfing ??
  2. Anyfing? What's that? Never had anyfings when I did basic lol
  3. I stopped myself from laying into him, ta. :D
  4. On the note of spelling, it's know not now and trouble not truble.

    Chardy I wonder if Mike Mckay is in your "troop" "class" or whatever it's called I'm not sure.
  5. I've got a question:

    What the **** are you doing on rumration when you should either be bulling your boots or helping others bull theirs.

    Sort your shit out skin.
  6. It takes no more than a hour to do that.

    But i do have a question, if buzz light year dont know he is a toy how come he comes still when humans are near by ??
  7. And I thought Oscar Wilde was dead.
  8. Nah, just the usual bunch of illiterate barstewards.
  9. Yeah, can you do 40 press-ups, 60 sit-ups and a sprint below 50 seconds? If not get off your arse and get prepared for your PT B instead of spinning dits on here.
  10. INNIT!
  11. I do!
    What week do they start teaching English as a communications tool? :twisted:
  12. Yes, I would like to know When is Right?
  13. Is gay sex wrong?
  14. Someone who has completed week 5 would be unable to answer that question, he will find out in part 2 training and answers will vary according to which branch ge is in:
    1. Occifer Steward the answer will be no, it isn't wrong, it's compulsary.
    2. Wafoo. It's only wrong on pay weeks, near the end of the month it's only wrong if you do it for free. :eek:
    3. Stoker. You take what you can when you can. :roll:
    4. Reggie. Depends, whats in it for me? :)
    5. Electrical Branch. We think it's shocking
    6. Radio Branch. We are transmitters NOT receivers.
    7. Writers. How will it look on my memoirs. :oops:
    8. Stores Bashers. See you in the Lay Apart store :p
    9. ROs. We didit didit didit didit 8)
  15. Chardy, perhaps you could tell us everything you've done so far, so new recruits know what to look forward to...blud.

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