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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by noemis, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. Sweet Jesus, did someone give that naval officer a firearm?
  2. I thought it was her keyring, but on closer inspection, doesn't look like a browning. P226?
  3. Beats me, shippers. I steer well clear of firearms. I like my shooting solutions to be not only over this horizon but over the next one too.
  4. [​IMG]

    Could be a Glock?
  5. Definitely not a Glock. Could be a Colt 2000. But I'm confused by what appears to be a rather long hammer spur, or is that something behind the weapon?
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I'd definatley do her...not much of a recomendation I know but..hey...just one question...why are her house keys clipped to her belt? Is she gonna whip them off and use them as improvised knukledusters before she slots someone with her pistol?
  7. Is there any chance that she was sensibly issued just the holster, and she's found something to put in it to look steely for the phot?
  8. dragging this back onto thread -

    well done for raising cash (and profile) of RBL and RNR.
    did you guys have scetigan guns or cap pistols when you were wee ?
  9. :lol: PMSL UA, but there could be a loth of truth in that!

    I agree fleetchief, well done indeed. BTW, WTF is a "scetigan gun"?
  10. when i were a lad, a long time ago, it was a plastic pistol that fired little gold plastic balls. you poured them in the top and then tried like hell to hit your mate in the eyeball. happy days. :roll:
  11. Is she meant to be on some sort of duty?
    God help the poor matelot caught leaning up against the wall with arms folded like that!

    Oh, and that pistol is actually her pipe lighter :D
  12. Alternatively she is a brave woman who most likely volunteered to go into one of the most dangerous places on earth to do her bit. Just curious as to how many of her detractors here have been to Baghdad or somewhere like it?
  13. Don't know too much about the Palace in Bagdad then 110? ;)
    Or even how much "danger" a reserve Commander is actually going to be in either mate in all honesty :)
  14. Actually she was doing a very useful job in Baghdad, she volunteered to do a Media job, because no one in the RNR Media Ops were available.

    Funny old thing, when it involves working in London, going on TV, dressing up in No 1s, Trafalgar 200, the Media types are all available - when it means going to Iraq, they are no where to be seen.

    So I think we should stop taking the piss, about what is clearly a posed photograph and thank her for doing her bit in Iraq and congratulate her on what she is doing for the RBL.

    BTW it only took her 2 weeks to cross train as a Media Specialist before she deployed, so clearly anyone could cross train, which makes one wonder why we need a Media Specialist branch in the RNR!
  15. Who is taking the piss here? The fake "posed" phot in a country where people are dying daily? Isn't THAT taking the piss just a little?

    Don't get me wrong here, fair play to her for doing the charity walk, but don't for one minute assume that she is a hero along the lines of those footsloggers out there and feck-its-hot-istan actually making a difference.
  16. No it is not. And she is as much part of the team as "those footsloggers out there and feck-its-hot-istan actually making a difference." She is doing her bit. As a volunteer.

    Sorry for taking the moral high ground, but this kind of piss take is not fair or constructive.
  17. But i'm not taking the piss!!
  18. "Don't know too much about the Palace in Bagdad then 110?"

    On the contrary, I have spent plenty of time there. Its not a nice place, its getting worse and the puma flight in and out of the Washington LZ is pretty hairy.

    The point is we have a lot of people sniping at someone who did something she didnt have to do. I think that is unfair.
  19. If you think I was being unfair, then I apologise :)

    If you think that she was in danger whilst posing for a photo, then I think you are mistaken.
    If you think that an RNR Media type is doing a job just as worthwhile as the many regulars running around with weapons checking houses and getting ambushed etc, then I think you are mistaken there also.
    Just my opinion, but I think those others are doing a far more worthwhile task. Please don't take offence at that, i'm not putting her down for it.

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