Goglebox just caught up on the series fcuk me recommended

Just watched the first couple of episodes that I recorded, pissed myself, got to ask which family reminds you of your own. Me and the Mrs live alone now so I've got to be the posh pisshead on the red wine and the the long suffering wifey, quite like his cord strides as well. You can even own up to being one of the Brown Hatters!!
The episode with the large black lady farting was awesome and when she was eating that fcuking great chicken and corn on the cob priceless

Highly recommended.
Great program, does the chimp in the scouse house (with the German bloke) every say anything?

is the vicar real or is she just dressing up?

The posh couple were on "four in a bed" that guest house reality thing.

And the two brown hatters are hilarious :)

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Love this show, watching people watch television, weirdly entertaining.

"You really are a dick", " I'm Moby god damn dick, and you just swam in my waters" - Louis Litt
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