Godfrey Bloom and 'Bongo Bongo Land'.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Aug 7, 2013.

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  1. This issue of foreign aid when we are skint rears its head once again courtesy of Mr Bloom UKIP MEP. I listened to Bloom on BBC News this morning and I have to say there was not much of what he said that I could disagree with. Billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money in the form of foreign aid is being doled out with no audit trail of how it is spent.

    As for the use of Bongo Bongo Land I see nothing offensive in its use as no one actually comes from there.

    Full Story Here
  2. No such place as Bongo Bongo land, I noticed the labour spokeperson's reaction as to racist stuff etc, what a load of codswallop. Just because Bloom is well noted for his non PC talking, all Blair shite anyways.
  3. I'm no apologist for the PC brigade, but he shouldn't have used that phrase.

    Tricky though- if he hasn't said it then no one would have heard his comment!
  4. UKIP don't get their MEPs speeches mentioned by the BBC and the Guarniad very often. So that'll be a win then.
  5. Unfortunately for the taxpayer the man does not speak with fork tongue
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  6. The man was dead right, this country is in the shit and we could use the money here for our hospitals and our old folk, who've paid their dues for donkey's years and had sod all back. Granted, it was an unfortunate turn of phrase but it woke the media up!
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  7. Its been used by a polly before.
  8. Must be a real place then, I'll look it up on Google earth and see where our money's going!

  9. So just where do bongo drums come from?

    Easy for the Eton multi millionaire boys to big themselves up on the world stage by giving our money away on lost causes, I would not piss on a politician if they were on fire.
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  10. Once again the PC brigade climb aboard the outrage bus. What he said was absolutely true and I would like the detractors to tell us who was upset in Bongo Bongo land.
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  11. What he said could be true BUT as an elected politician he should find a better way of putting it. Yes you might not find it offensive but people who he represents might and it is just not necessary for him to use such a comment apart from to inflame anger and get his face in the press.
    As an elected politician (as a member of UKIP and MEP i use that term very loosely) he should be talking about facts and not talking this tripe just to make a name for himself.
    Had he said the UK is skint yet we are spending billions on aid to X,Y,Z and I have evidence to support A,B,C are spending this money on Ferraris and Sunglasses then there would not have been an issue. Instead he just wanted his 5 minutes of fame that all politicians do and to increase his standing with the people who will vote for him.
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  12. While the term Bongo Bongo may not have been the best choice, the case for stopping the billions in foreign aid than we have no control over is very valid.
    Look after your own country's finances first then do what can be done for others afterwards.
  13. Now that is a fair point. Although I don't agree we should not send foreign aid as I don't think we are that broke as a country. But I do agree with him this money should be controlled better so that deserving starving people are the ones that get it.
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  14. janner

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  15. Did you read my post?

  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    danny mine was in answer to your first post, then I got sidetracked with something else. The UK is in a poor state of affairs with its financial situation, hence the new Governor of the Bank of England holding low interest rates for around the next 3 years and increasing the pressures on those with limited fixed incomes. Why do you think that there have been such drastic cuts to the Services, Police and other sectors?
  17. Ok fair point on the first comment thing.

    Am I happy the UK donates billions in overseas aid? YES
    Am I happy with the current system which provides billions in an auditless system? NO

    Yes the UK is in a hard place right now. But we still have a fairly decent standard of living and a damn site better than the majority of people in these countries we send money too.
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  18. Think the issue is not with foreign aid as much as the wrong people getting it to which I think the MEP was really alluding too and the reference to "bongo bongo land" was more a generalisation of all the countries that we dole out dosh too without being too specific. Yes we need to support countries poorer than ourelves however I do object to the fact that a vast majority of the money goes towards keeping the fat cats in the manner to which they have become accustomed and buying arms to qwell civil unrest because the masses are starving - but perhaps thats too simplistic or even nieve???

    It would be good if there were an audit trail however how would it be policed. Look at the £million's that are hived off into "offshore" accounts by the rich and famous or even those with a criminal bent. Takes years to unravel where money has gone and just needs a front company to launder the dosh after which its untraceable.
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  19. It would be difficult to police indeed which is why I suspect it has not been done already. But there has to be some way of policing it. Even if say 10% of the money was wasted in the policing effort 90% would still get too those that need it. Without knowing the exact figures involved I suspect thats more than they are getting now. (This idea is probably again easier said than done)
  20. Am I happy that the UK sends billions in foreign aid? NO. The Department for International Development, which channels an awful lot of this money, has frequent appearances in the Private Eye In The Back section. The reports make for jaw dropping reading, as well as many of the very perceptively dodgy transactions that they make. As reported anyway. They do like to take the odd African dictator or five for very nice dinners to help exploit their native population. Am I happy with the current system providing unaudited billions? Er, no. The auditing needs to be kept well clear of PwC, Ernst and Young and their current ilk as they've been caught overcharging and giving false clean bills of Health (PwC audited Staffordshire Hospital during the period that the trust were helpfully killing off their patients to improve waiting times, giving them a good mark for their finances and healthcare. Well, we saw what happened there...).How can the system be fixed? To be honest, it's too far gone already. It probably would be better to nuke Westminster, move the capital back to Winchester and start all over!
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