God V Allah

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by wet_blobby, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

  2. Can't quite make out the face is that Tebbit or Cameron on the bike?
  3. Its me. :rambo:
  4. Your Christian God and their Allah, same bloke anyway.

    Merely an overenthusiastic manifestation of a Mesopotamian tribal superstition overlayed with some Persian social control.

    Bollox to the lot of them
  5. You would think the La Times would do a simple bit of research on their own state nuclear plants before coming up with this. The Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant sits just off the San Andreas fault line!

    Pot this is kettle anyone? :thumright:
  6. That YahWeh has a lot to answer for!

    Did someone say Amen (Ra) ? ;)
  7. A bit over my head this.... :crying:
  8. you took the words right out of my tin mouth TFS :w00t:
  9. I note that the unidentified bikenik is statically posing for the picture and not actually moving. Thinks; is that the nuclear power station life cycle?

    Notwithstanding the shared skill at choosing bone locations for a power station, isn't the major problem here the difference in perception of human life and the nature of accidents? If it wasn't for that, I would feel more strongly that the Iranians have as much right to the benefits and responsibilities of nuclear power as anyone else. Leaving aside any ambitions they have for nuclear weapons or increased possibility for dangerous material falling in to the hands of the ill disposed (rather like hospital RA waste, really), the Muslim has an interesting view of accidents.



    Accidents happen (rather like s**t!) and whether we survive or perish is the will of Allah. Before we become paranoid, of course, it's worth remembering the number of Muslim airline pilots, engineers, technicians and mechanics that aren't forever creating smouldering holes in the ground.
  10. Wooooosh..... :whew:
  11. diesel I take your point; it is isn't it.

    What these interpretations of Mohammed's bumper fun book of things to do are saying is that accidents don't just happen, they are Allah's will. In short, if your name's on it, your buggered anyway. The next bit of good news is that if you have an accident and get the early train to Paradise, don't worry because you've just gone to the next life a bit quicker than you thought you would.
  12. Predetermination is also believed in in some Christian sects, so the concept doesn't really separate Islam from Chritianity, rather it tends to bring it closer.
  13. That's why, after many years of increasing doubt in my RC faith, I found "the truth" and am now comfortable that whatever happens to me is happenstance. If I can influence it, fine, if not it will probably be the fault of someone who has found God and is beating the world up on his God's behalf!
  14. I recall the Lutherans believe in predetermination alias not taking responsibility for your evil actions but blaming God instead..... Ooooooo, I'm so cynical! Then again at school we were told that any bad behaviour could be put down to Satan and our kindly, compassionate teachers helped rid us of Satan by beating Him out of us! Happy days! ;) :pissedoff:
  15. Also strongly believed by calvinists, see Holy Willies Prayer by Burns, though there was still the need to behave 'properly'
  16. Ah - Burns, now you're talking! I love his poetry, but still find it strange that, whenever a Jock refers to it, the word becomes "po-ee-yetry". The best dinner of the year has come and gone!

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