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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Backpacker1uk, Sep 27, 2010.

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  1. GOD TV I have been enlightened by the GOD TV channel for only £200 they will send you a GOD TV Prayer Shawl with the Euro Lottery at £80 million this Friday will this be a wise investment???
  2. Unfortunately my sky box seems to be stuck on Babestation permanently, I'd love to be able to change channels and give you my opinion on God TV, really I would, but I just can't at the moment.

  3. Do not be a dickhead, everyone will be buying the prayer shawl so the jackpot will have to be shared out. You will probably only win a couple of quid. Send the cash to me and I will send you the lucky numbers given to me while having a wet dream. Or you can get the same slappers telephone number from the telephone box in Union street yourself for free :p
  4. £200 is a lot of money for a prayer shawl. Have you considered investing in Scientology instead?
  5. Surely you should just spend the £200 on euromillions tickets that will help you more than the shawl and the extra £1.50 for a ticket :)
  6. Wonder if many people in the waiting process for Navy will be clogging the GOD TV phone lines ordering these :p
  7. Or if we all chipped in £200 they might be able to buy a new warship for us. That could cut the wait down a bit.
    I saw a good one on that thread about the Sun article.
  8. Dont be stupid, I would use that money for beer and even more beer if i won euromillions! Fcuk warships we have too many of them apparently!
  9. I have watched babe station and god tv both should be taken off air as i still not seen god or any babes
  10. As a devout member of the church of Jesus is that the time, and late t'day opening, I can tell you if god wants you he comes for you, so why look for him? 8O :roll: :twisted:

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