God son joining the corps

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by yorkie-s, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. My god son is hoping to join the corps.He has put on 6kg ish and now has got his interview what are they likely to ask him.He also has to nominate 2 branches which does he choose,(i dont think bandy is an option)
  2. That's a relief. I read this thread as GOD's SON JOINING THE CORPS... :lol:
  3. if you speak to the RSM of FPGRM that happened years ago !!!!
  4. He'd fail anyway.

    For the real Godson may I recommend that he asks puts down PW or ML? Either can be done as a Marine and both are proper soldiering and probably excactly what he is joining up for.

    PW3 (Sniper)
    PW2 (Platoon Weapons Instructor, Cpl)
    PW1 (Platoon Weapons Instructor, Sgt)

    ML2 (Mountain Leader, Cpl)
    ML1 (Mountain Leader Sgt)
  5. Send him to


    Royal orientated and has everthing you'd every need to know about the joining process, you may have aot of reading to do

    Has "Joining diaries" and discussions about interviews etc etc

    Good Luck
  6. bit of inside gen, talking to a couple of booties last week and the corps is crying out for chefs apperently.......wait one before dismissing it coz if he does it for a year his chances of going and doing what he really wants to will be enhanced, one of the guys was only doing it so his application for SF selection went to the top of the pile in 12 months!
  7. Do not under any circumstances mention that you would be interested in being a chef. He'll be stuck with the role for life, if he fails his SF which is one of the hardest military training courses in the world (perhaps hardest), guess what he'll have to come back to?

    Steer well clear of chefing, driver and clerk. If you want to do those jobs then do it in civvie street and make a damn site more cash doing it.

    You join the Royal Marines to be a front line commando, not to flip burgers.
  8. Here here
  9. Perceptive as always skunkmeister & point well made. Should warn him that he might still end being "diverted" into one of these branches anyway.

    Don't know why they don't just let the RN do their Writering for them.

  10. When you pass out of CTCRM they say that you should go straight to a Commando unit and learn your trade. Which is all well and good but they also say that you should get 12 months without getting pinged for an sq. That is a load of bollocks, I know lads who are getting pinged 5 months out of training. It's crap but the corps is really short on men. During training try and get a feel for what you want to do when you finish and put your chit in for it as soon as you can. It's either that or be a chef, driver or a clerk. Winner!!
  11. I have to amit I read this as my god, son joining the corp, as in it was somthing you were completely shocked by! Which is probably why I still at college at 27
  12. 5mths??

    I got pinged to be a Mortarman at week 29 2 days after the 30 miler.
    Stupidly i passed the course, a couple of my switched on troop mates did uncarachteristicly badly on the course and failed it. I only realised what they done at the end of it and was gutted that I hadn't done the same.

    Still I managed to ditch my rate 2 years later when I managed to get out of MMM.

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