God knows what job to choose,RN site has lil info...


Advancement depend not only on how fast to complete your taskbooks, exams etc, but on the requirements of the service, I was a writer unitl 1995 which was classed as a 'dry' branch, and advancement to Leading Writer happend as soon as you passed your exams, other branched at the time could take 3 years or more depending on how many leading hands were serving, and on how many the Navy neaded - i would like to point out that this may have changed in the last 11 years, but somehow I doubt it. One thing though, if you get offered the chance to go CW go for it - I turned it down 3 times - BIG MISTAKE


Jimmy_Green said:
carw2005 said:
Ive been searching for inof on many jobs in the RN but get very little detailed information on certain jobs, so have no clue what to apply for.

I like the idea of Seaman Spec as it seems to offer alot of time at sea and i am interested in the close range weapons side of things. Mine warfare Spec also appealed but does this job include alot of sea time. I also dont want to be stranded come retirement...

The RN website is very limited as are the fact sheets i was told to send away for. In fact all the AFCO info i have got hold of is very propaganda-esque...

Do you want to use weapons or fix them? You won't get too many opportunities to fire weapons and if you join one of the seaman branches you'll certainly become useful with a cloth and a bucket of water. If you want to become involved in weapon maintenance then ET(WE) is the way to go, and you will also get highly transferable skills when you rejoin civvy street. Possibly.

I think now im really considering the WEapons engineering route.

any ex or current weapons engineering techs posting on here..?

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