God bless Gwen - you will be missed xx

Gwen Oates Davies may your God be with you on your Last Patrol. With out doubt you have gone to the same destination as Peter. Two peas from the same pod if ever there was.

Gwen also known as GOD, Goat, Poshperson and various other less than complimentary names, was a personal friend of my wife and I as was her husband an ex L/S RP 2, Ganges 1962 and 1st Commission of HMS Penelope who preceded her by 4 years. Gwen was actively involved in the RNA Cyprus, Ganges Association, and financially kept the Submariners Barrow site running when the sponsor pulled out at short notice. She was a feisty lady who readily spoke her mind giving no quarter whatever the rank of her adversary.

When the RNA in Cyprus set up their web site I was the 11th entry in the guest book and told then to take care of Gwen as she was an asset. I have reproduced entry number 12 below to indicate a lady who's only initial connection with the navy was to have a husband and brother in law who served on the Lower Deck.


"12. James Perowne - 2005-09-23 10:00:32

Congratulations on a great site and it is good to see the RNA thriving in Cyprus.

All the best for your Trafalgar Night dinner on this special year
All the best to all you members and I agree with the guest before me.
Look after Gwen, she is a great asset to your branch.

Best of luck to all your shipmates

James Perowne
President of the Submariners’ Association"


Little more needs to be said of a lady who was "A Diamond Geezer"


PS just in case the nam Perowne rings no bells try Admiral Sir James Perowne Rtd.


Gwens death has come as a shock to me. I used to chat to her approx 14 months ago or maybe a bit more. A lovely lady and most friendly. She will be sadly missed by many a matelot both in UK, and the Antipodes.

Rest easy in the safe anchorage, dear Lady.


War Hero
I posted this on the Barrow Submarine site in July as a token of respect to a lovely lady…

Gwen was the first to speak to me
when I first came on here
and though she made me welcome
she also made it clear
that I must behave myself
no swearing if I stay
and if I did forget myself
there was hell to play.

A total female chauvinist
She kept us all amused
by reading us our horoscopes..
we were so abused….
She never lacked an answer
And always had the edge
All with a tongue that was so sharp
That it could clip a hedge

But now she’s gone and crossed the bar
And it’s fair to say
This place will seem so empty
Now she’s gone away
So rest in peace dear lady
Please don’t forget us all
Especially this old stoker
When he comes to call.

I somehow feel so very sad
But also very proud
Although like most I knew her
As just one in a crowd
And even though we never met
I worshipped from afar
A truly lovely lady
She was a superstar.
Just to let you know, I understand, at Gwens request her ashes are kept above the bar in the RNA at Uxbridge, Middx, where she had many friends. Her ashes are taken by the lads on all runs ashore, banyans and jollies.

Gwen travels onwards and upwards that is of course if Old Nick grants her a make and mend or LWE.



Sidon Mermorial Day 2005 Portland

Left to right: Sheerlegs, Jaque La Douste, Gwen, Ginge, Peewee, and SwampyNick(Sidon Survivor now on his last Patrol)



Deleted 7

Lovely lady, had some great convos with her when I was in Cyprus, sadly missed x

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