Gobblers Gulch

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by uncleTom, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. Who remembers Gobblers Gulch in Hong Kong?
    Who recalls those sweet young ladies ramming their fingers up ones backside to tickle ones fancy in order to bring about a reasonably swift conclusion to the matter in hand. " Brorry Herr Jack How brorry rong before you come . You pist too broory much"
  2. [​IMG][​IMG]
  3. hey BH - if we have a moratorium on stupid questions the place will close down ... and who said romance was dead ... :w00t:
  4. Babe I can deal with most things- but multi personna'd morons is a bit too much!!!!!!!
  5. You mean in the churchyard of Hong Kong Cathedral that wasn't romance. Certainly felt it to the throngs of FE Fleet Midshiopmen and other Lower Deckers who gravitated there.
  6. sick-- very very sick[​IMG]
  7. Certainly All the way back around. That's how it was done. When not done the other way. How many ways does this Justin chappie know of?
  8. Don't remember Gobblers Gulch, but I do remember getting a J Arthur, off a young girl, in a shop doorway ,down the Wanchai for the sum of 5 Hong Kong dollars , Happy Daze indeed!!
  9. That's five Hong Kong Dollars I trust. Those dopey yanks were paying 5 US Dollars.Iremember on HMS Ladybird. The Yanks would pay handsomely for whatever ,but the young ladies always returned to our beds when they had finished ripping them off. Batting on a sticky wicket perhaps--but very reasonable
  10. For a man with such obvious middle-class aspirations, do you not consider this thread a little Base?

    I'm amazed you didn't spit at the working girls from aloft your high-horse :tp:
  11. Uncle Tom, mentioning "Ladybird" you must have been up River. My Dad was on "TERN", he always told me if I went to HK and saw a ginger haired choke, he was me brother. First time ashore in HK saw such.
    Don't remember the G Gulch, but the rooftops rings a bell.
  12. Reminds me of the joke. On his dying bed he asked of his wife You know we had five children and one of them had ginger hair. Was that one mine?
    That one was, she replied
  13. Base? Is that like HMS Afrikander was a base HMS Terror was a Base What was that one called in Bermuda They were all base
  14. terry_rice wrote.... that he recalled getting a J Arthur a few bars down from the Dockyard Gates. Hardly living dangerously ( certainly not vicariously) Unless he failed to check the young girl's hands. Had he done so would he have seen those nasty little genital warts? Perhaps it is not too late to get his old man out and have a shufti
  15. you've just reminded me of the lovely old shanty, "me no likey english sailor", taught me by my sea dad some 20 years hense whilst explaining his HK tatts
  16. Yankee sailor call me darlin' English he call me fuckin' whore
    Yankee sailor one fuck finish English he fuck for evermore Me no likey English sailor--Yankee sailor come ashore
  17. Thats the badger
    "english only pay five dollar, yankee pay 10 dollar more"
    "yankee call me special lady, english call me f***ing whore"
    etc etc i seem to remember it as a good drinking song :thumright:
  18. I think by now my todger would have dropped off, as that was in 1965, when the Honky fid dollar was worth 1-3d in our old currency, she even had her own wanky hanky, to clean up afterwards, now thats what I call attention to detail.!!
  19. Good man! Glad to hear the dear girl merely passed on her kind regards.
  20. I never heard them sing. Mind you they had their mouths full at the time.

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