Goatie Beards????

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Squirrel, Sep 1, 2007.

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  1. This might seem a strange one, and I apologise if it's been done to death, but the situation is that one of the JR's in our unit (Basically an Army unit but with a sizeable RN contingent) has said that he'd like to grow a goatie beard and that there exists some rule in QR's that says he can, as long as no-one senior to him grows one, in which case his will have to come off. Now I haven't dismissed the lad out of hand, because I seem to remember once upon a time, being told something similar, but I'm sure the rule is "full set or nothing". Can anyone here enlighten me to the rules (I have no Joss to ask!). Basically, if the lads telling the truth, then he can have one for a bit, then I'm going to fcuking have a go.
    Any help gratefully appreciated.
  2. I would swear it is full set or nothing.......
    will have to wait for Sgt P for confirmation when he has finished directing traffic.
  3. Rubbish! He can't have a goatie, or a ponytail if he tars it. LOL
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I've heard the same anecdotal tale regarding goatie beards, but have never been able to find reference to this particular fable in the Queens' Rough Guide to the Royal Navy (QRRNs). It's most unlikely.

    Obviously during beard-growing competitions on deployment I've seen quite a few & we actually had a CPOWEA on HMS Boxer, around 1985 who had a very close-cropped goatie for an entire deployment.

    The reason he got away with it (I reckon) is that he was very dark-skinned, so it was barely visible between decks, plus the fact he was 6' 4" & the regulators weren't.
  5. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I tried to grow a beard as a young lad, Squadron beard growing contest. I was told to shave it off by the Joss because it didn't meet my sideburns so I don't think it's permitted unless they've changed the rules, which I doubt!

    I agree with the above, Sgt P should know, probably give you chapter and verse.
  6. I would say that he won't be able to have a goatee. At various times throughout my career I've had a set and I've had to request to 'discontinue shaving'. If you have a goatee you would need to shave something. As for "as long as no-one senior to him grows one", I would suggest that's just a NAAFI queue buzz.

    Awaiting SPB for chapter and verse.
  7. never heared this one. always been told its a full lot or nothing. infact i rember a lad asking a master at arms and he said no.
  8. I dont know if you have anything like SGOs. But im 99% sure its all laid down in BR 81. Full set, request form, ID card change, etc.
  9. get him to quote the reg chapter and verse and show it to you in the BR.
  10. It has always been To Cease Shaving, but how many do? Having had a set for more years than i can care to remember it always needs trimming including shaving cheeks and neck, so that is against the rules but not enforced, likewise we had a Commander on Eagle 66 who had a goatee, the same chap was on FOCAS Staff when i was there also. I t does happen, I never found the case to have an ID card changed when i grew or shaved off. Perhaps It`s a case of different ships different cap tallies. For example the beer issue of 2 cans per man, On Bulwark 60/61 it was unlimited, if you wanted a case you got a case, the only stipulation was that you had to return 24 empties to the gangaway by 2300. Anyone that cares to dispute that fact, there are people on here like Ronalder who can confirm it.
  11. ...similar on Mermaid, only we did not have to return the empties.

  12. I only recall one individual, a salthorse OOW, who didn't tidy around his beard at all although he kept the length moderate. It made him look a complete scranbag IMHO.

    I think in general people tend to be pretty mature about these kind of things, but frankly someone stating there is a rule doesn't strike me as being particularly mature about it, unless of course they have actually found one!
  13. Drinking onboard alongside??????? Throbbers :)
  14. Or playing with his chicken!
  15. Its a full set or nothing. I'm impressed at the ubiquity of this kind of urban myth. Another version is that the senior chief is allowed to grow a goatee.
    I know a couple of guys who get around the rule by growing a full set and then trimming the side of the face back with the lowest setting on the trimmers. This strikes me as a lot of kerfuffle jus to end up looking like David Brent.
    Basically Squirrel tell your lad to foxtrot oscar. He's mugging you right off.
  16. As soon as we left the wall for patrol it was 'grow what you like'. All proceeds to charrideee. Some of the guys would shave one half off and some would grow El Gringo moustaches then form gangs and kidnap people and personal items for ransom.
    At the end of patrol and if the Cox'n was too busy we'd try to sneak off on leave without shaving and with hair curling up at the ends. Just the sort of effect my two elder sisters were trying to achieve The number of times I made my girlie jump by turning up on her front door step looking like the wild man of Borneo! She knew it was me 'cos in my grubby mitt was a bottle of her favourite vodka. Her dad was a bit wary of me though - why? I usually bought him a box of those bloody great big Medalion cigars......the one's in that nice wooden box.
    One of the back aft engineer officers (AMEO1) was banned from entering the beard growing competitions. When harbour stations was piped the black nasties reckoned they could actually see the bristles growing. He was a Werewolf in human form. :afro:
  17. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I've just shaved my set off - and I work in a pure purple environment - the rule is pretty much full or nowt!

    Great fun growing them though it made the CO and RSM of a unit in the sand I was attached to really twitch....
  18. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I've just shaved my set off - and I work in a pure purple environment - the rule is pretty much full or nowt!

    Great fun growing them though it made the CO and RSM of a unit in the sand I was attached to really twitch....
  19. It is a full set or nothing, but i have never known it to be enforced otherwise Beards would be down to your knees. Beer issue at sea cans returned to duty RPO on PV space by 2300.
  20. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator


    PM me his name. If he's in our branch, he should know better than to come out with bone comments like that. It's a full beard or nothing.

    It's the Royal Navy, not the Royal Netherlands Navy (No offence to cloggies meant but you know what I mean).

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