Go for it Tim the Zoid

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Oct 11, 2010.

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  1. The topic of Tims boxing prowess has mysteriously vanished without explanation.
    So new topic and hopefully one which will stay
    Tim you have shown guts and determination in choosing to take up the noble art of fisticuffs. Not many of your entry will ever get the chance to represent their ship or establishment at any level.
    So best of luck young geezer and if you do get a few bruises then they will heal but the memories of what you have done will stay.
    As for the rest of your course, they should be at the ringside cheering you on, if they don't then at least they shouldn't berate you.

    So anyone else want to wish young Tim luck on the night?
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Indeed, Good luck.

    (The vanished thread incidentaly, was removed by myself at the request of Mr Zoidberg, as clearly things were getting a bit too personal).
  3. Thanks for telling us Ninja
    However the thread had started to turn with most members beig for Tim rather than agin him.
    There was one knob jockey with Brown in his/her name though that was making himself look a cnut. :oops:
  4. Go for it Tim. Bigger balls than me 'cos there's no way I'd ever get in the ring, had enough of that malarkey down Union Strasse in my yoof
  5. Well done for having a bash Tim and good luck. :thumbright:
  6. My moneys on you Zoid........ Red Sailor did the bizz in Hong Kong , all his mess mates, backed him, and off they went to spend the winnings down the China Fleet Club... and enough left for allnighters,as well :wink: [​IMG]
  7. Well done Tim for having a go and good luck.
    With a bit of training and hopefully some latent talent you'll get more people respecting you than having a sly dig on the interweb.

    Just remember, it's only pain. :wink:
  8. Well done Tim, good luck to you
  9. I just hope he has taken some advice from Monty and me on the noble art of windmilling.
  10. Swinging handbags if it is advice from you :lol: :twisted:
  11. Right, you're going in my van.
  12. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Good luck fella. I may just be the man in white in the middle for one of your bouts, I'll keep my eyes peeled.
  13. Aye the other thread involved the real names of a member or two being thrown around so was a bit unfair. Go for it Zoid, give em hell!!
  14. Good Luck Tim! [​IMG]

  15. Tim
    We are all rooting for you but if you loose don't be too sad. However win or loose please let us know the result
  16. Or even if you lose

    Spelling nazi has left the building :wink:
  17. If tim wants, Im sure the RR gang will happily help him train.......could chase him with 2DD's wolf when he eventually gets one. Good CV fitness there Id say
  18. And then he could fight 2DDs cat

  19. Many thanks wrecker :oops:
  20. Already on the case.

    Tim gets my expert advice on boxing technique every day.

    It doesn't take very long! :lol:

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