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There is no lack of sincerity, asking about the capabilities and enablers of naval and military stuff in an open forum sometimes pisses people off, sincerely.

It turns out that 'the sensor' isn't a sensor, explained on the other thread in which you asked the same question.


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Friend dapperdunn, could you explain me clearly? Because I was military of the army, and I do not understand of naval acronyms.

You need to get back to your handler mucker, as your grammar as syntax are outing you.

Is it warm where you are just now?


This 'sensor' has been installed at various times on the following RN ship types:-
Type 22 Frigates - 1st & 2nd attachments
Type 23 Frigates - 3rd & 4th attachments
LPD's Bulwark and Albion - 5th, 6th & 7th attachments
LPH Ocean - 8th, 9th & 10th attachments
Invincible Class 'carriers' - 11th & 12th attachments
Type 45 Destroyers
My observations are that the 'sensor' was frequently sited near the Comms/CESM mast, but not exclusively so (eg Bulwark & Invincible class)

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