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  1. I have only recently joined this site, and although it is interesting, very intersting in fact, I am stumped at some of the abbreviations that are used. I left the mob in 1980, and obviously things have changed. How's about one of the moderators compiling a glossary of abbreviations to put sad twats like me out of my miseY. The only ones that I remember is RN
    R.N.D.Q's and R.O.M.F.T. 8)
  2. If you can remember ROMFT, then you'll also remember RDP and DSMSMR.

    Putting a glossary together would be a significant task as there's an awful lot of it about these days. Got any in particular which are doing your head in?

  3. Weve been here before, why not stop using acronyms? at least at the first stage, not like someone on another thread that said "If you dont understand the acronym you shouldnt be reading the forum"
  4. This has been discussed before in the context of setting up a RumRationPedia similar to AarsePedia - but with the obvious corrections!

    We need to set up some suitable page on the site where we can enter acronyms on one side and what they mean on the other - acessible to all RR's to alter. Is this something the Mods could consider perhaps?
  5. I would imagine that you would also remember MAFRO.
  6. Here are some of the abbreviations we use at work, some obvoius, some not so.
    See how many you get:


  7. Hope my next post goes a long way to putting this one to bed!!!!!!
  8. OK HERE YOU GO....................

    639 Submarine indicator unit
    641 HF transmitter/receiver
    648 TX outfit
    649 10kW HF broad band transmitter
    680 Expendable communications buoy
    696 V/UHF tranceiver (1)&(2)
    699 Satcom expendable communications buoy
    909 Tracking and illumination radar
    910 TT missile gather/guide radar
    911 Tracker radar
    912 Radar
    967 Surveillance transmitter/receiver
    968 GWS25 Seawolf radar
    994 Target indication radar
    996 E/F band medium range radar
    1006 I band navigation radar
    1007 I band navigation radar
    1008 E/F band navigation radar
    1010 IFF secondary radar (1-5) - interrogator
    1011 IFF secondary radar MK XA - transponder
    1013 Radar IFF MK XA
    1016 IFF secondary radar - interrogator 1010 replacement
    1017 IFF secondary radar - transponder 1011 replacement
    1202 VHF Radio phone tranceiver
    1203 Tranceiver
    1204 UHF transmitter shore stations
    1208 Havequick ECCM tranceiver see MHA
    1254 UHF fleet satcom
    1255 HF communications system
    1256 HF communications system
    1260 VHF IMM portable tranceiver
    1261 NBCD communications outfit
    1006(1-5) I band navigation radar
    1022(1) D band long range radar
    1205 (1-3) Personal locator portable
    1207 (1-3) Tranceiver outfit V/UHF used in YBC
    1250 (1) Emergency tranceiver
    1251 (1) Buoyant watertight emergency MF/HF tranceiver
    1252 (1) VHF Radio telephone
    2 compartment compression chamber
    20mm BMARC mounting
    20mm GAMBOI Close range weapon system
    3 axis magnetometer MCM/diving
    30mm BMARC mounting
    3PDR 3 pounder saluting gun
    4.5" Mk 8 magazine hoist
    4.5" Mk 8 MTG Gun mounting
    4.5" Mk 8 simulator rig
    637(1-3) 1kW HF transmitter (shore)
    643(1-3) Transmitter outfit
    670(1) ECM jammer
    675(2) ECM jammer
    7.62 GPMG pedestal mounting
    700(1) 30/50 kW HF transmitter
    778AA General service echo sounder
    967M Radar MOD 3
    992R E/F band medium range radar/target indication set
    A and A Alteration and Addition - A+A, As&As
    A&W Alarms and warnings
    A/S 1076 Type 193M MCMV C &OST
    A/S 1077
    A/S 1079 (P) Sub team trainer
    A/S 1081 Sub comm team trainer
    A/S 1082 Sub attack trainer
    A/S 1083 Dev sub comm team trainer
    A/S 1084 197 operator trainer
    A/S 1086 Sonar type 184 OP trainer
    A/S 1090 Trainer (sonar type 193M)
    A/S 1092 Sonar 2016 trainer outfit
    A/S 1092 Sonar 2016 trainer
    A/S 1093 Sonar 2016 trainer
    A/S 1094 AFACT
    A/S 1100 DCB trainer
    AA Alternative assumption
    AA Administrative assistant
    AAB Aerial outfit
    AAC Aerial outfit
    AAD 1007 aerial
    AAJ HF omnidirectional aerial coniface
    AAK HP vertical log periodic aerial
    AAL HP rotatable log periodic aerial
    AAM HF rotatable log periodic aerial
    AAQ HF loop aerial array
    AAR 1.6 - 30MHz 35ft whip aerial
    ABD Submarine ESM mast outfit aerial
    ABE Aerial outfit
    ABs Atomic books
    AC Alternating current
    AC Agreed characteristic
    ACH VHF aerial used for CRF - sword and shield
    ACOS Automatic change over switch
    Acoustic Device Countermeasure
    ACP Annual compensation payment
    AD Acceptance date
    AD Assistant director
    AD Action data
    AD/AS Assistant director above water sensors
    AD/AW Assistant director above water weapons
    AD/BCS Assistant director/business and command systems
    AD/comms Assistant director communications
    AD/MEL Assistant director marine engineering logistics
    AD/SM1 Assistant director/submarine 1
    AD/SMD Assistant director submarine design
    AD/SMW Assistant director submarine weapons
    AD/SPS Assistant director ships project support
    AD/SSM Assistant director submarine support
    AD/UWS Assistant director underwater weapons and sensors
    AD/WL Assistant director weapons logistics
    ADAWS Action data automatic weapon system
    ADC/FS Assistant director term contracts
    ADC/LE Assistant director contracts logistics engineering
    ADC/ME Assistant director contracts marine engineering
    ADC/S1 & 2 Assistant director contracts ships 1 & 2
    ADC/SUB Assistant director contracts submarines
    ADC/Trident Assistant director contracts Trident
    ADC/WE1 Assistant director contracts weapon engineering 1
    ADC/WE2 Assistant director contracts weapon engineering 2
    ADL/CAS Assistant director logistics conventional armaments
    ADL/GWT Assistant director logistics guided weapons and torpedoes
    ADL/ISS Assistant director logistics international sales support
    ADL/NS Assistant director logisics naval stores
    ADL/PES Assistant director logistics platform equipment stores
    ADL/SCM Assistant director logistics supply chain management
    ADL/SO Assistant director logistics supply operations
    ADLMC Assistant director electrical and mechanical controls
    ADLPS Assistant director electrical power systems
    ADMES Assistant director marine engineering support
    ADMPS Assistant director marine propulsion systems
    ADN(1) (3) Aerial outfit
    ADNP1 Assistant director nuclear propulsion (PNR 1 classes)
    ADPOL Assistant director POL
    ADQ 996 radar aerial (also houses AMO - the 1010 aerial)
    ADS(FD)Sec Assistant director ships future development, secretariat and business analysis
    ADS/BD Assistant director ships business development
    ADS/CAPITAL Assistant director ships capital
    ADS/CPS Assistant director ships central planning, policy secretariat
    ADS/DC Assistant director ships docks & caissons Devonport
    ADS/MWA Assistant director ships minor warships
    ADS/PTA Assistant director ships personnel, training, admin. & IT
    ADS/RFA Assistant director ships Royal Fleet Auxiliaries
    ADS/SR Assistant director ships/ ships refitting
    ADS/W1 & 2 Assistant director ships / warships 1 & 2
    ADS/WD Assistant director ships/ nuclear works Devonport
    ADXA Assistant director auxiliary systems
    ADXB Assistant director auxiliary systems
    AEE LF receive single wire aerial
    AEG Wire aerial complete masts etc
    AEH 4 wire 6/700ft LF roof aerial
    AEP HF receiver log periodic aerial
    AEU HF transmitter monocone omnidirectional aerial
    AEY Tranceiver wideband monocone aerial
    AFA HF receiver H cage dipole aerial
    AFD HF transmitter vertical 1/2 wave dipole aerial
    AFD Admiralty floating dock
    AFF (2) Wire aerial outfit
    AFG (2) HF vertical 1/4 wave tranceiver aerial
    AFJ HF transmitter 2 wire rhombic aerial
    AFK HF vertical FT dipole aerial
    AFO HF horizontal FT dipole aerial
    AFU HF transmitter vertical log periodic aerial
    AFU Air filtration unit
    AFY HF receiver vertical loop aerial
    AGA (1) (2) HF tranceiver monopole aerial
    AGD HF transmitter aerial
    AGF HF receiver conifan omnidirectional aerial
    AGH HF conifan aerial
    AGV HF transmitter vertical sleeve omnidirectional aerial
    AHF HF receiver active whip aerial
    AHG (1&2) Aerial outfit
    AHJ Aerial outfit
    AHR Aerial outfit wire
    AHR Average hourly rate
    AHT Aerial outfit wire
    AHU Aerial outfit wire
    AJE (1,2,5) Aerial outfit
    AJK Pole mast broadband UHF aerial (225MHz - 400MHz)
    AJL Flat sheet VHF dipole aerial for CRF
    AJN HF aerial system
    AJS Aerial outfit (MCMV only)
    AJT Communications mast
    AJU Integrated communications mast
    AKD (1-2) Aerial outfit
    AKV (1) Aerial outfit
    ALARP As low as reasonably possible
    ALO (1) Obsolete aerial outfit - submarine VLF/LF
    ALP Submarine VLF aerial
    ALV Communications buoy outfit
    ALZ (4) Aerial outfit
    AMA IFF Mk XA transponder aerial for 1011
    AMHA Automated Message Handling System/Assistance
    AMI Administration and management instructions
    AMK (1-2) Aerial outfit
    AMM Aerial outfit
    AMN Aerial outfit
    AMO IFF interrogator aerial (1010)
    AMP Assisted maintenance period
    AMRAD Honeywell level 6
    AN/BRA-15 Aerial outfit
    AN/SLR-16 Acquisition equipment
    AN/SLR-23 SIG acquisition set
    AN/SRD-19A Direction finding equipment
    AN/TRG-35V Chirpsounder T.F.M.S.
    AN/USH-22V Data recorder reproducer
    AN/USH-23V SIG recorder reproducer
    AN/USH-24V Data recorder reproducer (RN INTEL)
    AN/USH-26V Data recorder reproducer RWG (RN INTEL)
    AN/USQ 124(V)
    AN/USQ-64V Data terminal set
    AN/USQ-69V Data terminal set RWG (RN INTEL)
    AN/UYC-8A Communications controller device
    AN/UYH-7V3 High density memory
    AN/UYK-20X Data processor set
    AN/UYK-502V Communications processing set (RN INTEL)
    AN/UYK-79V DBase management proces. set
    AN/UYQ-23V Computer display set
    AN/WSC-3 UHF Satcom tranceiver WSC 3/V3 & 3/V15
    AO Accounting officer
    AO Administrative officer
    AP Accounting period
    APH Aerial outfit
    AQAP Allied quality assurance procedures
    ARL Semi-automatic plotting table
    ARM Availability, reliability and maintainability
    Aroflex Rapid off-line crypto outfit for TGN/DIMPS
    AS(PE) Accounting services (procurement executive)
    AS1104 Trident SCTT
    AS1107 SRMH CTT
    AS1118 SCTT
    ASE Ancillary support equipment
    ASLO Assistant site liaison officer
    ASMA Air staff management aid
    ASR Annual staff report
    ASSATS Advanced ship to shore automatic telegraphy system
    Astute Class Development of navy's T-class nuclear submarines ASTUTE, AMBUSH, ARTFUL - will replace Swiftsure class
    ASW Anti submarine warfare
    ATE Automatic test equipment
    ATU Air treatment unit
    AUASS Automated upper air sound system
    AUS(FS) Assistant under secretary (fleet support)
    AUTEC American underwater test and evaluation centre
    AUTEC American underwater test and evaluation centre
    AUTEC pinger A sonar beacon for tracking assets on the AUTEC range
    AV (2) VHF Polaris direction finder outfit
    AVC (2) Aerial outfit
    AVD Multi function aerial
    AVICOS Availability in course of supply
    AVK Receive aerial - broadband active whip aerial
    AVL MF/HF broadcast wire aerial
    AVM MF/HF wire roof aerial
    AVS Aerial outfit
    AVT Aerial outfit
    AVV Radio direction finder
    AWF Whip aerial outfit
    AWG, AWG(M) Aerial outfit
    AWJ Whip aerial outfit
    AWL (M) Whip aerial outfit
    AWN Whip aerial outfit
    AWU Aerial outfit
    AWV Tuneable glass fibre HF aerial
    AWW HF whip aerial outfit
    AWY (1-4) HF whip aerial outfit
    AWZ Integrated Clansman 353 system - VHF tranceiver
    AXA Aerial outfit
    AXP (1) (3) Direction finding aerial outfit
    AXT Communications omni/pacu
    AYV (2&3) Aerial outfit
    AYZ (3) Aerial outfit
    AZE Aerial outfit
    AZJ Aerial outfit
    AZK Aerial outfit
    AZL (1-3) Aerial outfit
    AZN Aerial outfit
    AZT GWS25 Seawolf aerial outfit
    AZU Aerial outfit
    AZV Aerial outfit
    AZX Low band DF port
    B/A 75M (FDU/SMOPS only) + 50MSW SDDE
    B2TC Batch 2 TRAFALGAR class
    BAMP Baseport assisted maintenance period
    BASCCA Breathing apparatus self-contained compressed air Used for firefighting BA
    BCTE Baseband control and traffic exchange
    BDU Bridge display unit
    BEO Base engineer officer
    BER Beyond economical repair
    BESO Base environmental support officers
    BIB Delay equiliser and changeover switch
    BIB Business improvement board
    BIBS Built in breathing system
    BIC Business information centre
    BID 1150 Cryptographic outfit
    BID 1280 Cryptographic equipment
    BID 1600 Cryptographic outfit
    BID 1650/1 & 1650/1V4 General purpose crypto outfits (DIMPS tactical circuits)
    BID 250/11 Crypto UHF secure speech outfit - Wideband digital encyption unit. Plugs into YBR - the digital master unit
    BID 310 Cryptographic outfit
    BID 370 Cryptographic outfit - secure voice for DSSS (SCOT) Vocoder unit - converts plain speech to 2.4kbaud digital format
    BID 4000/1
    BID 430 Cryptographic outfit
    BID 470 Cryptographic outfit for INMARSAT (BRAHMS)
    BID 740/4 ITL4A/ITL4C
    BID 790
    BID 860 Encryption system for DIMPS
    BID 880/1 Cryptographic outfit
    BID 910 Cryptographic outfit for Link 10
    BID 940 Cryptographic broadcast security (superceded by KW46)
    BID 950 Cryptographic outfit for DSSS (SCOT) Secure speech for BID 370
    BID 980 Wideband cryptographic equipment
    BIG Babcock international group
    BIP Business improvement programme
    BIS Business information system
    BLB Basic level budget
    BLOS Beyond line of sight
    BMP (BAMP) Baseport assisted maintenance period - CVSGs only
    BNBMS British naval ballistic missile system
    BNFL British nuclear fuels ltd
    BNSA Base nuclear safety agency
    BOM Breach of Moratorium
    BPD Batch policy document
    BPR Business process review
    BPR Business process re-design
    BR Beyond repair
    BR Book of Reference
    BRASS BRoadcast And Ship-to-Shore
    BRDL Babcock Rosyth Defence Limited
    Breathing apparatus search and rescue
    BS Base staff
    BS British standard
    BT LOOP Bellini Tosi fixed aerial feeding movable internal goniometer
    BUTEC British underwater test and evaluation centre
    BWA Buoyant wire aerial
    BWP Basic work package
    C of N Controller of the navy
    CACS Computer aided command system
    CAD Contract acceptance date
    CAD Computer aided design
    CALS Continuous Acquisition and Life-cycle support
    CAMMS Computer aided maintenance management system
    CB Confidential book
    CBI Confederation of British industries
    CBPB Class batch planning budgets
    CBPT Class batch planning time
    CBRS Class batch refit specification
    CCTV Closed circuit television
    CCU Certificate of clearance for use
    CD Corporate development
    CD/SSA Commercial director ship support agency
    CDAU Carbon dioxide absorption unit
    CDP Chief of defence procurement
    CDPI Chief of defence procurement institution
    CDR Classified document register
    Cdr SMART Commander submarine manoeuvring room trainers
    CDS Chief defence staff
    CE Concurrent engineering
    CE/SSA Chief executive ship support agency
    CEDRIC Computerised engineering data retrieval/information centre
    CEP Contact evaluation plotter
    CEQ (3) Moving target indicator and receiver outfit Radar receiver for 992R
    CER Receiver signal processor
    CFD (1-4) VLF receiver outfit
    CFM Captain fleet maintenance
    CFMR Captain fleet maintenance repair (organisation)
    CFS Chief of fleet support
    Chamber compression Admiralty Mk1
    Chamber compression divers type 1
    Chamber compression divers type 1 TUP
    Chamber compression type 7A
    CHM (1-2) HF receiver outfit
    CHN Receiver outfit ICS6/25 (2 bay receiver console LF/MF/HF)
    CHOTS Corporate headquarters office technology system - MoD LAN/WAN
    CILOR Contributions in lieu of rates
    CINCFLEET Commander in chief fleet
    CIRPLS Computer integration of requirement procurement logistics and support
    CIS Corporate information system
    CITIS Contractor integrated technical information service
    CIWS Close in weapon system
    CIWS Close in weapon system
    CJD LF/HF synthesised receiver
    CJH Receiver outfit (HF synthesised)
    CJM Receiver outfit
    CJP (1-3) Receiver outfits
    CJP (2) MF/HF receiver outfit
    CJQ (1-6) Receiver outfits MF/HF
    CJR HF receiver outfit
    CKA (1) (2) Receive management system Chirpsounder HF frequency selecter
    CLA Autoguard logger receiver outfit fot aircraft communications
    CLS Contractor logistic support
    CLX CVSG message processing system system Often associated with JFHQ
    CMA Continuation material assessment
    CMC Configuration management committee
    CNAA Council for national academic awards
    CNN TV Satellite TV system kept for its intelligence aspects
    CNNTSP Chairman naval nuclear technical safety panel
    CNSA Commodore naval ship acceptance
    COA Course of action
    Comp air portable compressors
    CON-MAN Configuration management
    CONMARCOMMS Concept of maritime communications
    COP Codes of practice
    COP Close of play
    COSHH Control of substances hazardous to health
    COTS Commercial off-the-shelf
    COUGAR VHF handheld tranceiver portable
    COUGARBRIGHT VHF secure voice tranceiver
    CP Critical process
    CP:CE Cost of production : capital emloyed ratio
    CPA Closest point of approach
    CPCA Central plant control authority
    CPD Class policy document
    CPFF Cost plus fixed fee
    CPIF Cost plus incentive fee
    CPP Controllable pitch propellor
    CPS Cardinal point specification
    CPSAC Chief of fleet support ship availability committee
    CRETE Common range electrical test equipment
    CRF Composite reception facility Monitors VLF - UHF
    CRISP Comrehensive RNSTS inventory systems project
    CSB Clyde submarine base
    CSB Courage special brew
    CSBF Civil service benevolent fund
    CSD Contract start date
    CSF Critical success factor
    CSH Combat system highway
    CSI Contractor specification inquiry
    CSM Contractor supplied material
    CSM Combat systems manager
    CSNI Communications systems network interoperability
    CSO(E) Chief staff officer (E)
    CSS Command support system Used to be Generic Command Support System
    CSS Certificate of safety - stability
    CSSE Chief strategic systems executive
    CSSS Certificate of safety - structural strength
    CSST Captain submarine sea training
    CST Contractor sea trials
    CSU Craft support unit
    CTD Colour tactical display
    CTIH Contract time in hand
    CUHT Common user hand tools
    CUMTE Common user mechanical test equipment
    CUN (1) UHF receiver for FU4
    CUP Capability update period
    CV3333/U Cryptographic unit for UHF satcoms
    CVD Capable vessel day
    CVF Central voice facility
    CVS Carrier vertical strike
    CVSG Aircraft carrier (CVS - cruiser vertical strike)
    CW Cold water/chilled water
    CWA CIWS (close in weapon system) Phalanx Mk15 (Block0)
    CWB CIWS (close in weapon system) (3) Goalkeeper
    CWC CIWS (close in weapon system) Phalanx (Block1)
    CWTA Captain weapons trials and acceptance
    CXA ESM outfit
    CXB (1-2) Homing receiver (MF direction finder on distress frequencies Auto DF
    DA Design authority
    DAA Defence accounts agency
    DABMIS D Acs bills management information system
    DAD Delay and dislocation
    DAD (3) Data handling system
    DAF Data processing system
    DAG (1-2) Data processing system
    DAH Computer outfit
    DAK Computer outfit
    DAMA Part of UHF fleet satcom 1254
    Damage control and fire fighter
    DAMP (DMP) Dockyard assisted maintenance period
    DAR Design authority requirement
    DARR Design authority refit requirement
    DASO Demonstration and shakedown operation
    DBA Data handling system
    DBB Data handling outfit
    DBC Data handling outfit
    DBE (1-2) Weapon computer outfit
    DBF Computer data handling outfit
    DC Damage control
    DC Direct current
    DCBA BASCCA (Non-mag, DCBA)
    DCD See MDCD
    DCF Discounted cash flow
    DCH Operational version
    DCI Defence council instructions
    DCI Decompession illness
    DCL Defence contractors list
    DCM Weapon interface equipment
    DCP Damage control post - now fire & repair party post
    DCS Defence costs study
    DCS Decompression sickness
    DDIN Departure from design intent notice
    DDLP Defuel, de-equip, lay-up preparations
    DDMC (RAF) Deputy directorate of marine craft (RAF)
    DDSTP Depth defined system test pressure
    DEA (1-2)
    DEAMS Defence equipment acquisition and materiel support business process
    DED Docking and essential defects
    Depth charge handling equipment
    DERA Defence evaluation and research agency
    DESG Defence engineering & science group
    DETC Defence engineering terminology committee
    DF Delivery forecast
    DFA Data handling outfit
    DFC Computer interface CIWS/CACS
    DFS(N) Defence fire service (navy)
    DG Director general
    DG Diesel generator
    DGB Survey info processing system mk2
    DGCIS Director general communications and information systems
    DGDC Director general of defence contracts
    DGFMP Director general future manpower policy
    DGSW(N) Director general surface weapons (naval)
    DHS-DCA Data handling system
    DICARPS Digital cassette recorder for passive sonar
    DIME S class submarines
    DIME SUBS Valiant and Churchill classes
    DIMHS SI communications system similar to OPCON
    DIMPS Distributed integrated message processing system
    DIR Delivery incentive range
    DIRK Dockyard integrated refit key date system
    DIS Data recapture unit
    DISCUS DFS(SM) in-service configuration/upkeep system
    DISM Director in-service submarines
    DISP Docking and intermediate support period
    DISS Director in-service ships
    DISSUB Disabled submarine
    Diver support rig mk3
    Divers accessories
    Divers communications system
    Divers hydraulic tool equipment
    Divers underwater pneumatic tools
    DL Defect list
    DLA Seagnat decoy launching system
    DLB (1, 4, 5) Seagnat launch system (chaff)
    DLD 1 Super rapid blooming chaff
    DLE Decoy system
    DLF Off-board decoy (inflatable metallised balls - radar) Sometimes known as 'rubber duck'.
    DLG Dockyard liaison group
    DLH Active off-board decoy based on DLJ (2)
    DLJ Seagnat launcher outfit (carrier)
    DLK Barricade decoy launcher 1 & 2
    DLO Disposal list officer
    DLPP Data link pre processor = RJH
    DLPS Data link processing system
    DLT 02 Data link transmission IO
    DMA Data relay assembly
    DME Director marine engineering (SSA)
    DMEO Deputy marine engineering officer
    DML Devonport management ltd
    DMS(N) Director of marine services (navy)
    DNA Surface ship command system - type 23
    DNA Director naval architecture
    DNA T23 command computer system
    DNETS Director naval education and training support
    DNO Director naval operations
    DNP Director nuclear propulsion
    DOACC Defence operational analysis and assessment centre
    DOE/HO30 Dome exchange kit
    Dome exchange outfit type 2 mk 1 & 2
    DOR (Sea) Director of operational requirements (Sea)
    DP Datum pack
    DPA Datum pack account
    DRA Old name for DERA - defence research agency
    DRD Devonport Royal dockyard
    DRF Power distribution panel (JZY)
    DRP Defect rectification period
    DSDS Disabled submarine decompression system
    DSLE Director ships logistics engineering
    DSM Depot spare machinery
    DSR Diver support rig mk 2
    DSRP Director ships resources and personnel (SSA)
    DSRV Deep submergence and rescue vehicle
    DSSCCA Divers set self contained compressed air
    DSSCCD (cased)
    DST(SF) Director supplies and transport (ships and fuels)
    DSWE Director ships weapon engineering (SSA)
    DTD Dedicated tracker display for sonar 2031Z
    DTG Date time group dd/mm/yy or ddttttZ mmm yy eg 01/12/97, 010945Z DEC97
    DTM Departmental temporary memoranda
    DTO Dockyard test organisation
    DTS Dartmouth training squadron - superceded by IST
    DTS(W) Director technical services (warships)
    DUS(Pol) Deputy under secretary (policy)
    DWRFS (dwarfs) Dockyard weapon repair facility statements/schedules
    E.O.D. & demolitions
    E/S 778 series
    E/S 780
    E/S 784
    E/S 785
    EAO Common aerial outfit
    EAT (1-3) Common aerial outfit
    EAV Common receive aerial outfit
    EAW Common aerial outfit
    EAZ Aerial outfit
    EBA Multicoupler for common aerial working tranceiver
    EBS Emergency breathing system
    ECB Emergency communications buoy
    ECCM Electronic counter counter measures - now called EPM
    ECM Electronic counter measures
    ECO Environmental control officer
    EJA Common aerial working outfit
    ELCROVOX Secure telephone (SCOT) NATO
    ELI Embodiment loan items
    ELSA Emergency life support apparatus
    ELSA Emergency life support apparatus
    ELSS Emergency life support strores
    EMC Electro magnetic compatibility
    EMI Electro magnetic interference
    EO Receive aerial exchange
    EO Executive officer
    EOA Receiver aerial exchange
    EOOD Engineer officer of the day (harbour)
    EOOW Engineer officer of the watch
    EOP Emergency operating procedure
    EOSS Thermal imager and camera
    EPC Equipment policy committee
    EPM Equipment project management
    EPM Electronic protection measures
    EPO Electrical panel operator
    EPRS Equipment provisioning requirement sheet
    EPSC Equipment policy sub committee
    ERB Executive responsibility budget
    ERC Equipment repair committee
    ESCAPEX Escape exercise (submarines)
    ESG (1-3) Receive aerial switching
    ESH Remote transmit aerial switch
    ETA Aerial tuning unit
    ETB (1) (2) Aerial tuning outfit MF
    ETC Aerial tuning outfit
    ETF (2) HF base tuner
    ETG Automatic HF aerial tuning outfit
    ETH Aerial tuning unit
    ETJ Aerial tuning unit
    ETK Aerial coupling unit HF
    EU HF 30kW transmit aerial exchange
    EU European union
    EUC (1) Aerial exchange unit
    EUD VLF/LF aerial exchange and IND unit
    EVA Receive aerial exchange outfit
    Event recorder mk5
    EW Electronic warfare
    EWA Aerial exchange outfit
    EWB Transmit aerial exchange
    EWC Aerial exchange outfit
    EWD Shore HF transmit aerial exchange
    EWE HF transmit aerial exchange
    EWF Aerial exchange HF transmit
    Exchange kits for H028.H029
    Expendible mobile ASW training target
    EY (1-5) Transmit aerial exchange
    EZ (1-2), (4) Receive aerial exchange
    FAAIT Fleet air arm infrastructure technology
    FBA Filter outfit
    FBNW Fitted for but not with - space allocated but no wiring of equipment
    FBRV Future beach recovery vehicle
    FD Full development
    FD Fleet date
    FDG Fleet diving group
    FDM Future dockyard management
    FDMA Fleet date material assessment
    FEF Fleet employment forecast
    FGC 001 UK morse outfit
    Fleet exercise minelaying system
    FLO Fleet liaison officer
    FLOOs Fleet operational orders
    FMA Future management arrangements
    FMB Fleet maintenance base
    FMG Fleet maintenance group
    FMI Financial management initiative
    FMRO Fleet maintenance and repair organisation
    FMU Fleet maintenance unit
    FOC First of class (FoC)
    FOCRC First of class review committee
    FOMB Fleet operating and maintenance base
    FOO Forecast of out-turn
    FOS Fleet operational schedule - long cast of all ships' diarys
    FOSF Flag officer surface flotilla
    FOSM Flag officer submarines
    FPG Financial planning management group
    FPP Final pensionable pay
    FRADU Fleet requirements and direction unit
    FRC Frigate refit complex
    Fresh air breathing apparatus
    FRO Flexible replenishment objective
    FSA (1-7) Frequency standard
    FSB Frequency standard outfit
    FSC (1-2), (4-6) Frequency standard
    FSD (1-3) Frequency standard outfit
    FSE VLF M/C frequency standard
    FSF Precise time and frequency equipment (PTFE) A time and freq. standard which derives synch. from satellite
    FSU Former Soviet Union
    FTA (1-4) Frequency conversion outfits
    FTC Fleet telephone code
    FTR Fit to receive - rack, cable, power supplies but no equipment
    FU4 UHF direction finding outfit
    FWA Fleet weapon acceptance
    FZA (1-6) Frequency allocation outfit
    GATT General agreement on tariffs and trade
    GDC minimux Multiplexer
    GFE Government furnished equipment - see MSM
    GI Guidance information
    GIE Government issued equipment - see MSM
    GMDSS Global maritime distress and safety system
    GMDSS Global marine distress safety system - EPIRB etc..
    GMT Greenwich mean time
    GOCO Government owned contractor operated
    GPATE General purpose automatic test equipment
    GPEOD General purpose electro optical director
    GPI Glide path idicator
    GPMG General purpose machine gun Sometimes pronounced "Jimpy"
    GPS Global positioning system
    GRP Glass reinforced plastic
    GSA1 Gun system automation mk1
    GSA8 Gun system automation mk 8A and 8B
    GSI General ship information
    GSR General ship requirement
    GT Gas turbine
    GTCU Gas turbine change unit
    Gun system pedestal directors
    GVRS Ground video replay system
    GWS Guided weapon system
    GWS25 Seawolf launch/firing system
    GWS25 Seawolf outfit TOF
    GWS26 Vertical launch Seawolf
    GWS60 Harpoon ship system
    H&SS Hull and system surveillance
    HA113B 20kW HF aerial matching transformer
    HA150 HF transmit manual aerial exchange
    HAAU Helicopter analysis unit
    HAD Radio telephone terminal
    HAE Radio telephone switchboard
    HAF Radio telephone outfit
    HANE High altitude nuclear explosion
    HAT Harbour acceptance trial
    HB Binnacle H. Brown pillar binnacle
    HCDC House of Commons defence committee
    HCOS Hand change over switch
    Hd POL C Head of contracts policy
    HF High frequency
    HIS Hood inflation system
    HLB Higher level budget (holder)
    HLERB Higher level executive responsibility budget
    HMIP Her Majesty's inspectorate of pollution
    HMIS Hazardous material information system
    HO 15 series Hull outfit
    HO 17 Hull outfit
    HO 19 series Hull outfit
    HO 22 Hull outfit
    HO 29 series Sonar hull outfit
    HO 30 Hull outfit
    HO 31 Hull outfit 31 series
    HO 32 Hull outfit
    HO 33 Hull outfit
    HO 35A Hull outfit
    HO 43 Hull outfit
    HO 44A/B Hull outfit
    HO 45A Hull outfit
    HO 50B Hull outfit
    HP High pressure
    HP High power
    HPTO Higher professional and technology officer
    HRT (1) (2) Helicopter control trainer (radar)
    HRV (4) Anti air warfare onboard trainer - ADAWS radar trainer AAWOBT
    HRV (6) ADIMP radar trainer (AAWOBT)
    HSA Simulator outfit
    HSE Health and safety executive
    HSFB High speed fleet broadcast US Navy - uses similar waveform to BRASS
    HSG BFCT (live firing)
    HSJ BFCT (simulation)
    Hybrib SDDE
    IAC Thermal imager
    IAE Passive listening device
    ICE Interface cancellation equipment
    ICON Special intelligence imagery system
    IER Information exchange requirement
    IFF Interrogation friend or foe
    IHLB Intermediate higher level budget
    II Installation inspection
    ILS Integrated logistic support
    ILS Integrated logistic support
    IMS Initial maintenance spares
    IMT Intelligent message terminal - HF broadcast modernisation
    INA Interface digital to synchro
    INB Interface synchro to digital CSH interface outfit for nav. inputs
    INC SD548 nav interface unit
    IND Control interface outfit
    INE Pedestal director interface unit
    INM Institute of naval medicine
    INMARSAT Civil satellite communications 3S90
    IPC Illustrated parts catalogue
    IPR Intellectual property rights
    ISA Independent safety authority
    ISD In service date
    ISI In service inspection
    ISO International standards organisation
    IT Installation trial
    IT Information technology
    ITL Intergrated terminal and logic box
    ITPB Information technology projects board
    ITT Invitation to tender
    ITUG Information technology user group
    JATE Joint air transport establishment
    JDISS Joint deployable intelligence support system
    JFHQ(A) Joint forces headquarters (afloat)
    JHA (1) Display outfit
    JHQ Joint headquarters
    JJA Display outfit
    JNZ SNAPS outfit - Ship's navigational and plotting system
    JOCS Joint operational command system
    JOTS Joint operations tactical system
    JQ (1, 3 & 6) Display outfits Maintenance displays for 996 and 1022 radar
    JQ (7) Raw radar display outfit for radar 1006
    JQA Display outfit Auxiliary display for radar 1007
    JSP Joint service publication
    JTIDS ECM resistant RF communications bearer
    JUD (1-4) Display outfits Navigation radar display
    JUF Display outfit Radar 1007 radar display
    JVA (1-3) Visual display unit
    JVD Visual display unit
    JVE VDU terminal (DIMPS)
    JVH Tactical VDU display (NAUTIS)
    JZQ Display system
    JZS Display system
    JZV Display system
    JZW Display system
    JZX Data display terminal (U1657)
    JZY Reporting and display system (RN INTEL)
    JZZ Captain's combat aid
    KDF Remote control outfit
    KDG Remote control
    KDH Receive control outfit
    KDP Monitor & control console
    KDQ Engineering console
    KDR VLF monitor cabinet
    KDS Interface outfit
    KEA Receiver control (remote)
    KEB Remote control outfit
    KEG Key encryption generator
    KFL Communications control outfit
    KG 36 Crypto outfit - BID for UHF fleet satcom
    KG 40 Crypto outfit - BID for Link 11
    KG 84A Cryptographic outfit - BID for UHF fleet satcom
    KIR-1C Crypto for IFF 1016
    KIT-1C Crypto for IFF 1017
    KITE Keep it to essentials
    KMK Control outfit
    KMM (2), (5), (6) Control outfit
    KMM stage 2 (2-8) Remote control outfit and distribution
    KMP Remote control outfit
    KMQ Communications control outfit
    KMU Remote control outfit and distribution
    KMV Communications outfit
    KMW (1) Control outfit
    KMY Control and monitor outfit
    KNA Coupler AF multiway
    KSK Transmit control outfit
    KSP Transmit remote control outfit
    KSQ Control outfit
    KST Transmit control outfit
    KSV Message transfer controller
    KSW Control outfit
    KSX (1-5) Transmit control outfit
    KW 46 Maritime broadcast crypto (KW46R &KW46T)
    KWR 46 Maritime broadcast crypto receiver
    KWT 46 Maritime broadcast crypto transmitter
    KY-75 Cryptographic outfit - secure speech for YBQ (HF)
    KYV (5) BID for YDB (HF)
    KYV-5 Crypto outfit
    L.E.B.A. 02
    LAC List of assessed contractors
    LAS Lay apart store
    LBF Aerial absorber/resistor outfit
    LBTS Land based test site - Portsdown
    LD Liquidated damages
    LDA Dummy load 20kW
    LDC Dummy load
    LDD Dummy load
    LF Low frequency
    LFA Plot extraction/target indication system for radar 996
    LFB Track extractor for radar 1022
    LFC Auto track extractor for radar 1007
    LFD Radar track combiner
    LFE Track extractor for radar 996 (future)
    LIA Fibre optic line isolator
    Linepost Mk 1C Sonar buoy system
    LMDE Limpet mine disposal equipment
    LOCE Linked operations intelligence centre Europe
    LOS Line of sight
    LP Low pressure
    LP Low power
    LPM Locally purchased material
    LPO Local purchase order
    LRO Local responsible officer
    LRQA Lloyds register quality assurance
    LSAP Long service advance of pay
    LSP Limited support period
    LTC Long term costs
    LTC Long term costing
    LTR Long term review
    LYS Lead yard services - formally FMG
    MAC Missile guidance control system
    Madge Microwave aircraft guidance
    MAINTOPS Maintenance operations
    MANDUS Management of design for upkeep and support
    Manual pulse analyser
    Mapper Army command information system
    MARS Maintenance and recording system
    MAS Management assistance and support
    MAVD Material available vessel day
    MB Main building - Whitehall
    MBB Telemetry recording outfit
    MBO Portable telemetry outfit
    MBP Recording camera control system
    MBY (2) (4) Ancillary outfit
    MBZ Telemetry outfits (Seadart)
    MCM Mine counter measure
    MCMD Mine counter measures device
    MCMD cylinder
    MD Managing director
    MDAP Mutual development assistance programme
    MDCD Merlin data collection device
    MDCD RACAL equipment - configures Merlin's mission systems Also collates data from aircrafts sensors in flight
    MDG Multi disciplinary group
    MDL Electronic marker outfits
    MDP Ministry of Defence police
    ME Marine engineering
    MEA Marine engineering artificer
    MEAOW MEA of the watch
    MEB (1-6) Ship's head marker generator outfit
    MEC Ship's head marker generator outfit
    MEC Military essentiality code
    MEE MArine engineering equipment
    MEM Marine engineering mechanic
    Mentor Secure speech telephone system
    MEO Marine engineering officer
    MER Minor equipment requirement
    MESAR Multi function electronically scanned adaptive radar - phase array radar 3D Will be called SAMSON when fully developed for CNGF.
    MESMAC Marine engineering submarine application course
    MF Medium frequency
    MFE GWS50 EXOCET standard ship system
    MFG GWS30 SEADART launch/handling system (launcher)
    MFH GWS30 MOD1 firing system - SEADART
    MFV Seawolf vertical launch sub system (VLSS)
    MHA UHF EPM (Havequick 2) (ECCM tranceiver - see 1208)
    MIDAS Maintenance information defect analysis system
    MILCAP Military capability
    Mine Lifting System
    MMA Polaris missile alarm mon system
    MMER Miscellaneous minor equipment requirement
    MMS Maintenance management system - now being superceded
    MMSSR Main machinery space senior rate
    MOA Modem type 4596FP
    MoB Move on board
    MOD Ministry of defence
    MOD QA REG Ministry of defence quality assurance regulations
    MOD(PE) Ministry of Defence (procurement executive)
    MODIX Multistage oxidative decontamination using ion exchange
    MODOPS MOD outplacement scheme
    MODS Modifications
    MOE Measurement of effectiveness
    MOM Ministry owned material
    MOP Maintenance operation
    MOSHIP Mother ship
    MOSUB Mother submarine
    MOU Memeorandum of understanding
    MoU Memorandum of understanding
    MOUC Modified upkeep and operating cycle
    MP Management plan
    MR (DB) Master record (data base)
    MRC Master record centre
    MRDC Master record data centre
    MRI Master record index
    MRO Mine Radiographic Outfit
    MRSDSR Manoeuvering room shut down senior rate
    MSG Material support group
    MSI Ministry supply item
    MSICG Management of support information co-ordinating group
    MSM Ministry supplied material
    MSM Marine systems manager
    MSSA Mk 1 Hunt Class
    MSSC Marine services screening committee
    MTAU Machinery trials acceptance unit
    MTBF Mean time between failures
    MTLS Magazine Torpedo Launch System T23 inboard version of STWS loaded from the air weapon mag.
    MTTR Mean time to repair
    MTU Machinery trials unit
    MUDC Modified quality and upkeep cycle
    MVME Muzzle velocity measuring equipment
    MWV Minor war vessel
    NA Naval architect
    NA Not available
    NA Not applicable
    NAAIHTO Nil available action in hand to obtain
    NAB Nickel, aluminium, bronze
    NAC HSP-3609-212A printer/plotter
    NAC Naval availability committee
    NAO National audit office
    NAPC Nuclear accident procedures course
    NAPNOC No acceptable price - no contract
    NATO North Atlantic treaty organisation
    NAVAIDS Navigation aids
    NAVSTARCODE Procedures for handling naval staff targets and naval staff requirements
    NAVTEX Navigational telex (part of GMDSS phase 1)
    NBC Naval base commander
    NBC Nuclear, biological and Chemical
    NBCD Nuclear, biological, chemical defence and damage control
    NBDCC Naval base development co-ordination committee
    NBS Naval bases and supply agency
    NCDC Nuclear command (designate) course
    NCMB Nato CALS management board
    NCOW Nuclear chief of the watch
    NDE Non destructive examination
    NDI Non-developed items
    NDT Non destructive testing
    NES Naval engineering standard
    NESPG Naval engineering support policy group
    NFD Non fleet date
    NGC Nuclear general course
    NIC Nuclear introduction course
    NII Nuclear installations inspectorate
    NITU Non industrial trade union
    NLIS Naval logistics information system
    NMEODC Nuclear marine engineering officer (designate) course
    NNPP Naval nuclear propulsion plants
    NNPPSCC Naval nuclear propulsion plant safety criteria committee
    NPC Nuclear preparation course
    NPCC Nuclear propulsion charge course
    NPWSC Nuclear powered warship safety committee
    NRC Nuclear reactor course
    NRE Nuclear refuelling equipment
    NRE Non-recurring expenditure
    NRPC Nuclear radiation protection course
    NRTW Naval reactor test establishment
    NSA Nuclear safety advisors
    NSC Naval support command
    NSC Naval support command
    NSPD Naval support policy document (BR4601)
    NSRP Nuclear steam raising plant
    NTD Naval technical department
    NVD New vesting day
    NVQ National vocational qualification
    NWHT Naval weapon harbour trials
    OA Operating authority
    OA Recording Voice and video recording system - 16 track
    OA/IBA Deck insulator group
    OASIS Office automatic data processing system in ships
    OASIS On-board ADP Support in ships and submarines
    OC Deck insulator
    ODMA Operational date material assessment
    OE Operational effectiveness
    OEM Original equipment manufacturer
    Oerlikon 20mm MK7A (see WEE)
    OGDs Other Government departments
    OGW Other Government Work
    OK324 / UK System supervisor station
    OM GM76/62 OTO Melara 76/62 gun mounting
    OMB Office of management and budget
    ON/143VS Interconnecting group FTR 1254(2)/RN Intel
    ONOC Officers nuclear operation course
    OOD Officer of the day
    OPCON Operational control system (NSTN)
    OPDEF Operational defect
    OPDOCO Operating documentation officer
    OPHIS Operating history
    OPW Other production work
    OR Operational requirement
    OSDI Own ship's data interface
    OT Oil transfer
    OTSWP Original to ship work package
    OWP Original work package
    PAAS Platform A&A sponsor
    PAC Public accounts committee
    PAD Programme acceptance date
    PAG Procedure authorisation group
    PATN Personnel and administration temporary notice
    PB Procurement board
    PC Prime contractor
    PCA PEC repair outfit
    PCA Parliamentary commissioner for administration
    PCM Project contract manager
    PCSPS Principal civil service pension scheme
    PD Project definition
    PD(Pats) Pricipal director (patents)
    PDAS Principal director of accountancy services
    PDC/N Principal director of contracts (navy)
    PDFS(S) Principal director fleet support (ships)
    PDJ Computer system OASIS 1
    PDK Weapon assessment system (WAS)
    PDL Computer system OASIS 4
    PDM1 Ship's data distribution system
    PDM2 Ship's data distribution system
    PDM3 Ships data distribution system
    PDM4 Ships data distribution system
    PDM5 Data distribution system
    PDT Desktop computer for displaying datalink 14 transmissions
    PDU Computer system OASIS 4A
    PE Procurement executive
    PEC Panel electronic circuit
    PEC Personnel essentiality coding
    PEC Programme element costing
    PERT Programme evaluation and review technique
    PESC Public expenditure survey committee
    PFA Radar data distribution outfits
    PFA Preparation for acceptance
    PFB (1-6) Radar distribution outfit
    PFI Private finance initiative
    PFO Programmed fitting opportunity
    PFU Private finance unit
    PIA Project initiation approval
    PIT Process improvement team
    PJOCS Pilot Joint Operational Command System
    PLG Project liaison group
    PM Preventative maintenance
    PMP Programme or project management plan
    PMS Planned maintenance system (submarines)
    PMS Preventative maintenance schedule
    PMS Project management system
    PNO Principal naval overseer
    PO Petty officer
    Portable mag field test equipment
    Portable oxygen cleaning equipment
    PPA Data patch panel
    PPAD Project planning approval document
    PQS Pricing and quality services
    PRA Pre-refit/repair period assessment
    PRB (1) Management processor (MAP)
    Press cable hydraulic
    PRINCE Projects in a controlled environment
    Printer Ex QZ(1) printer now used with QYF
    PRT Power range testing
    PRT Pre refit/repair trial
    PRV Pre refit/repair visit
    PSGSC Purchase and sale of goods sub-committee
    PSS Swiftsure class periscope system
    PSSE Portable specified support equipment
    PST Trafalgar class periscope system
    PST Preliminary sea trial
    PSTI Pre sea trial inspection
    PSTO(N) Pricipal supplies and transport officer (naval)
    PSU Upholder class periscope system
    PSV Trident self protection masts
    PTG Propulsion test group
    PTO Professional and technology officer
    PUMA Pre upkeep material assessment
    Pumps gas booster GP & Non magnetic
    PUMS Production universal modem system
    PUS Permanent under secretary of state
    PWAG Primary weld acceptance group
    PWR Power loading gear (Reso Class)
    QA Quality assurance
    QAA Quality assurance authority
    QAR Quality assurance representative
    QARL Quality assurance related listings
    QBA Integrated navigation system
    QC Quality control
    QIP Quality improvement programme
    QIT Quality improvement team
    QMAC Questionnaire on method of allocation of costs
    QMB Receiver outfits QM14 (1-3) Decca navaid radio receiver
    QMC Navaid outfit QM16 Decca navaid radio receiver
    QOA Quantified operational analysis
    QP Quality plan
    QPS Quality process specification
    QRC Quality record card
    QSD Quality strategy document
    QSP Quality surveillance plan
    QTA Trisponder
    QVA Navaid aerial switching unit
    QWA Navigational receiver QW(1) OMEGA
    QXB Hyperfix (Navaid) - QX2 Mine countermeasures/Hydrography high resolution navigation system
    QXC Hyperfix (Navaid) - QX3 Mine countermeasures/Hydrography high resolution navigation system
    QXD Hyperfix (Navaid) - QX4 Mine countermeasures/Hydrography high resolution navigation system
    QXE Microfix ranging system
    QXX Hyperfix (Navaid) - shore
    QYC Navigation outfit - LORAN C
    QYD Satnav outfit DS4/DS5
    QYE MNS2000 Decca navigator
    QYF Satnav navigation system - Navstar GPS integrated
    QZ2 Satnav (Dual channel)
    QZ3 Satnav/OMEGA QZ3 surface ships
    QZA Magnavox (satnav) QZ(1)
    QZD Satnav/OMEGA outfit QZ4 (subs)
    R by R Repair by replacement
    RACP Refit aim and cost plan
    RAD (1) Director Aiming Sight (DAS)
    RADHAZ Radiation hazards
    RAF Royal air force
    RAF SCICS RAF strike command integrated communications system
    RAH Reactor access house
    RAM Radar absorbent material
    RAMPs Repairs and modernisation periods
    RAP Reactor assembly procedures
    RAS Replenishment at sea
    RASH Radar absorbent sheeting
    RATT Radio automatic teletype
    RCDS Royal college of defence studies
    RCM Reliability centred maintenance
    RCMDS Remote control mine disposal system
    RCMDS Mk 1
    RCMDS Mk 2
    RCP(2) ESM outfit
    RCT Resin catch tank
    RD-397B V/U data recorder reproducer - part of INTEL
    RD-433/SSH Data recorder reproducer - part of INTEL
    RDB (1) Recorder reproducer
    RDC Sonar interface
    RDC Rosyth dockyard company
    RDD RDS-4502 data recorder reproducer
    RDD Required delivery date
    RDE (1) Magnetic tape outfit replacement
    RDP Video tape recorder for radar
    REDACS Regenerated data communications
    REE Satellite receiving outfit (weather)
    REFITPOL Refit policy on Polaris weapon system
    REN Recording outfit (portable weather)
    REP Tape recorder
    RES Recorder - reproduction set sig data for sonar and Link 11
    Resistor kit
    RF Radio frequency
    RFA Royal fleet auxiliary
    RFB (1-2) Recording outfit
    RFC Recorder sound
    RFD Weather facsimile recorder
    RFE Weather facsimile Rx/recorder
    RFS Repair for ship
    RFSD Ready for sea date (RSD)
    RIDDOR Reporting injuries diseases and dangerous occurences regulations
    RIS Radio interference suppression
    RJF Digital translation outfit Link 11
    RJH Data link pre-processor DLPP
    RJJ Data link processor - DLPS with Link 11
    RJL Combat System Highway - CSH
    RMAS Royal maritime auxiliary service (PAS boats - port auxiliary service)
    RMO Radar maintenance room outfit
    RN Royal Navy
    RNAD Royal Naval armament depot
    RNC Royal Naval college - Britannia (BRNC)
    RNSB Royal Naval submarine base
    ROF Royal ordnance factory
    RP Repair period
    RP1 Refit period 1
    RPD Refit planning document
    RPO Reactor panel operator
    RPO Refit project officer
    RQM 2048 PQSK modem
    RR&A Rolls Royce & Associates
    RRA Receiver assembly
    RRB (2-4) Receiver outfit - radar transponder used with friendly helos used with radar 1006/1007
    RRD Rosyth Royal Dockyard - see BRDL
    RSA Radioactive substances act (1993)
    RSD Ready for sea date
    RSE Radar pulse synchro outfit
    RSSC Refuelling safety sub committee
    RTG Reactor test group
    RTT Response to tender
    RUP Revalidation upkeep period
    RWA Radio auto teletype (1) (3) (5) (6) tone patching system
    RWC Radio auto teletype tone patching system
    RWE (1,2,5) Radio auto teletype - tone patching system message processing enhancement
    RWF Radio auto teletype outfit
    RWG (1-4) Satcomms outfit - subscriber terminal (RN INTEL)
    RWH Terminal equipment - supplementary comms equipment RN INTEL
    RWK Message processing equipment - DIMPS
    RWL Message processing ancillary equipment (DIMPS)
    RWM Message processing outfit
    RXR Repair by replacement
    SA-1704/UG Matrix switch
    SAAR Submarine or ship A&A register
    SABC Services air booking centre
    SAGE Ships acoustic gathering equipment
    SAS Special air service
    SASC Ship availability sub committee
    SAT Sea acceptance trial
    SAT(ME) Sea acceptance trial (marine engineering)
    SAT(WE) Sea acceptance trial (weapon engineering)
    SATCOMS Satellite communications
    SATNAV Satellite navigation
    SBS Special boat service
    SC Specification changes
    SCI Sub contract items
    SCI Specification change inquiry
    SCI Standard class item
    SCNTQSBP Standing committee on the nuclear training and qualification of shore based personnel
    SCOAPS Sub committee on operation availability of Polaris submarines
    SCORR(SM) Standing committee on the refit and repair of submarines
    SCORR(SS) Standing committee on the refit and repair of surface ships
    SCOSER Standing committee on submarine escape and rescue
    SCOT Original SCOTT
    SCOT Satellite communications on-board terminal
    SCOT 1C Satellite comms terminal (UK/SSC-007)
    SCOT 2C Satellite comms terminal (UK/SSC-008)
    SCOT 2D Satellite comms terminal (UK/SSC-101)
    SCP System control point
    SCRUTIT A&A scrutiny meeting
    SCTQNNPPO Standing committee on the training and qualification of naval nuclear power plant operators
    SCTS Ships compass transmission system
    SCTT A/S 1102
    SCUG Scot capability upgrade
    SDJR Shut down junior rate
    SDL Standard defect list
    SDS Secondary data system
    SDS Saturated diving system
    SDV Swimmer delivery vehicle
    Sea Archer Fire control system
    SEACL Staff engineering assessment check list
    SED Survey and essential defects
    SEIE Submarine escape and immersion equipment
    Series 50 LF Transmit system
    SERP Submarine escape and recue project
    SERPS State earnings related pension scheme
    SETT Submarine escape training tank
    SFC Static frequency changer
    SFO Senior finance officer
    SG Steam generator
    Ship movement simulator
    SIC Subject indicator code
    SICS Ships installed chemical sensor system
    Single 30mm Mk1 gun mounting
    SIRS Ships installed radiation sensor system
    SLA Service level agreement
    SLO Site liaison officer
    SLO Safety liaison officer
    SLP Ship/submarine life plan
    SLUTT Ships launched underwater transponder target
    SMEO Squadron marine engineering officer
    SMERWP Submarine escape and rescue working party
    SMMT Society of metal manufacturers and traders
    SMP Self maintenance period
    SMR Stock manufacture and repair
    SMS Safety Management System
    SMT Steam machinery trials
    SN Self noise
    SNAC Secure naval alongside communications
    SNINE Scotland, Northern Ireland, Northern England
    SNPBMA Submarine nuclear powered ballistic missile armed
    SO Security officer
    SO Supply officer
    Sonar 1221 (1)
    Sonar 162M Underwater target classification sonar
    Sonar 182 Towed acoustic decoy
    Sonar 183
    Sonar 185 series
    Sonar 189 series
    Sonar 193
    Sonar 193M Sounding set
    Sonar 193M Test equipment
    Sonar 2001 PH 3
    Sonar 2004 and interface unit
    Sonar 2007
    Sonar 2008 Underwater telephone
    Sonar 2009 Underwater IFF
    Sonar 2013 series Sea surface temperature recorder
    Sonar 2015 Bathythermograph
    Sonar 2016 D/G & roll stab system - part medium range detection sonar
    Sonar 2016 Electronics - part medium range detection sonar
    Sonar 2016 / 2050 Wet end
    Sonar 2018
    Sonar 2019
    Sonar 2020
    Sonar 2024
    Sonar 2026
    Sonar 2027
    Sonar 2031Z Inboard - part towed array sonar (TAS) - passive array
    Sonar 2031Z Outboard - part towed array sonar (TAS) - passive array
    Sonar 2032
    Sonar 2034
    Sonar 2039
    Sonar 2040
    Sonar 2041
    Sonar 2046
    Sonar 2047
    Sonar 2050 Sonar - medium range detection
    Sonar 2053
    Sonar 2054
    Sonar 2056
    Sonar 2058
    Sonar 2059
    Sonar 2060 Bathythermograph
    Sonar 2066
    Sonar 2068 Sonar environmental prediction system (SEPADS)
    Sonar 2070 Towed acoustic decoy and MICM
    Sonar 2071
    Sonar 2072
    Sonar 2073
    Sonar 2074
    Sonar 2076
    Sonar 2077
    Sonar 2081
    Sonar 2082
    Sonar 2085 Launched expendable acoustic decoy
    Sonar 2090 Bathythermograph
    Sonar 2093
    Sonar 2095 Torpedo classification processor
    Sonar aural record equipment REQ 2
    Sonar interface unit
    Sonar marking outfit
    Sonar RECO aural recording equip Mk 1
    SOP Ship operating procedure
    SORs Statement of requirements
    SOS Security in Open Systems
    Sound source active underwater
    SPAG Submarine parachute assistance group
    SPALT Special projects alterations
    Special forces diving equipment
    SPFO Senior project finance officer
    SPTO Senior professional and technology officer
    SQB (1) (2) Auto alarm outfits - marine distress auto alarm (RATT)
    SR Staff requirement
    SR(SEA) Staff requirement (sea)
    SRC Submarine refit complex
    SRD Safety and reliability directorate
    SRE Sound reproduction equipment
    S-RIC/T-RIC Swiftsure/Trafalgar class reactor instrument maintainers course
    SRPSC Submarine radiological protection standards committee
    SS Ship staff
    SS Surface ships
    SS Superintendent ships
    SSA Ship support agency
    SSAC Support ship availability committee
    SSB Ship safety board
    SSBN Sub surface nuclear ballistic - nuclear submarines with ballistic missiles
    SSC Sea systems controllerate
    SSC (1) Communication outfit
    SSCI Sea systems controllerate instruction
    SSCP Sea systems controllerate publication
    SSD Superintendent ships Devonport
    SSE Submerged signal ejector
    SSE Mk 10
    SSE Mk 2 & Mk 5
    SSE Mk 4
    SSE Mk 6
    SSE Mk 8
    SSE Mk 9
    SSL Ships log outfit (AGILOG) - EM log
    SSMO Ship safety management office
    SSMOB Ships staff move on board
    SSMS Ship safety management system
    SSN Sub surface nuclear - nuclear powered submarine conventionally armed Will be able to fire Tomohawk missiles via torpedo tubes
    SSR Superintendent ships Rosyth
    ST(sea) Staff target (sea)
    STANAG Standing Nato agreement
    STANAVFORLANT Standing naval forces Atlantic
    STANAVFORMED Standing naval forces Mediterranean
    Standard danbuoy Mk 2
    STEO Sub transducer exchange outfit
    STEP Standard for The Exchange of Product model data - ISO 10303
    STG Ship test group
    STI Special test instructions
    STICS II UHF & line of sight satcom
    STOROB Stores robbery - borrowing bits of kit off other ships
    STP Sewage treatment plant
    STR Statement of technical requirements
    STSTE Shore telecom special test equipment
    STTTE Special to type test equipment
    STU Stabilised turning unit - platform which 996 aerial sits on.
    STU 2B Portable crypto for Inmarsat
    STUFT Ships taken up from trade
    STW Setting to work
    STW Setting to work
    STWS Ship launched torpedo weapon system
    STWS (3) Ships Torpedo Weapon System
    SUC Communication bay outfit
    SUD Communication bay outfit
    SUDS Submarine upkeep torpedo weapon system
    SUF Communication bay outfit
    SUH Communication bay outfit
    SUN Communication bay outfit
    SUPSHIPS Superintendent ships
    SUQ Communication bay outfit
    Surface mines replica target
    SUT Bay outfit
    SUU (4) Bay outfit
    SUW (1) (4) (5) (12) Bay outfit
    SWA Telegraph bay outfit
    SWAD Single work authorization documents
    SWD Telegraph bay outfit
    SWE Telegraph bay outfit
    SWEEP Handling equipment
    SWEO Squadron weapon engineering officer
    SWP Reactor safety working party
    SWSE Ship weapon systems engineering
    SXA Auto upper air sounding system (AUASS) System for testing air for ballistic prediction of rounds to be fired.
    TA Test addenda
    TA Training advisor
    TAA 70-4 Telegraph auto addressing equipment
    TACC Tactical air control centre - RAF
    TACSAT Tactical satellite - STICS I
    TCSS Torpedo control systems submarines
    TCV Tank cleaning vessel
    TDC HF and limited MF transmitter drive
    TDC Temporary designation code - prior to A&A number allocation
    TDD Transmitter drive outfit for MF/HF system
    TDE Shore transmit drive outfit
    TDF Transmit drive combiner outfit
    TDG Transmit drive rack
    TDH Drive outfit
    TDJ Transmitter drive outfit
    TDP Technology demonstrator programme
    TDY LF drive amplifier
    TDZ HF drive outfit
    TEMPEST Term for undesirable re-emmisions of secure speech/data
    TF Test form
    TG Test group
    TG1 Tech grade 1
    TGK Teleprinter outfit
    TGN Teleprinter outfit
    TGQ (1)-(12) Teleprinter outfit - high speed
    TIH Take in hand
    TIH Time in hand
    TINS Technical instructions nuclear submarines
    TLA Three letter acronym
    TLB Top level budget
    TLC Through life costs
    TLC Through life costs
    TLO Training liaison officer
    TNPL Total naval production load
    TOI Temporary operating instructions
    TOP Test operating procedure
    TOR Terms of reference
    TORP WPN2 Shipborne torpedo weapon sys 2
    Torpedo trolley no. 4&5
    Torpedo tubes elec calibration equipment
    Torpedo tubes pressure alarm system
    Torpedo tubes Resolution class
    Torpedo tubes Swiftsure class with RNSH
    Torpedo tubes Trafalgar class
    Torpedo tubes Valiant class with RNSH
    Towed array onboard trainer
    TP Test procedures
    TQM Total quality management
    TRA Data retransmission outfit (synchro data)
    Transponder outfit 1017 IFF
    TRAP Tactical related applications broadcast
    TRE Trap receiver equipment
    TRF Data retransmission outfit (synchro/digital data)
    Trident TT Discharge Equipment
    Trident Weapon Handling System
    TRJ Data retransmission outfit (synchro/digital data)
    TRL Data retransmission outfit
    TRM Data retransmission
    TRN (1) Retransmission unit
    TSDF Trident shore development facility
    TT(T) Teleprinter terminal (tone converter)
    TT-624V Teleprinter
    TTA Maintenance equipment
    TTE Tempest test equipment
    TTF Remote line switcher
    TTL (1-3) VLF Special modes outfit
    TTM Low speed HF comms modem - tone converter
    TUPE Transfer of undertakings (Protection of employment) regulations (1981)
    TWS Tactical weapon system
    TWS HAT Tactical weapon system harbour acceptance trial
    TWSH Tactical weapon system highway - submarine name for CSH
    TWTG Tactical weapons test group
    TWX Teleprinter transmission (signal)
    TYG GWS50 unit shop test rig
    U by E Upkeep by exchange
    U X E Upkeep by exchange
    U X E Upkeep by exchange
    U/C Unclassified
    U/K/PRC350 Clansman portable tranceiver
    U/K/PRC351 Clansman portable tranceiver
    U/W bag and associated gas generator
    UAA (1-2) EW system ESM
    UAD Surveillance system
    UAF ESM equipment - semi automatic EW ESM
    UAG ESM outfit
    UAL Submarine ESM outfit
    UAN (1) ESM warner radar
    UAP ESM outfit
    UAQ Misc. ESM equipment
    UAR (1) ESM equipment
    UAS Microwave surveillance receiver - ESM
    UAT ESM outfit - semi-automatic EW ESM
    UCB Electronic warfare control processor
    UDETO type 193
    UDETO type T
    UHF Ultra high frequency
    UIN Unit identity number - used for purchasing etc..
    UK FGC Terminal telegraph
    UK/FRR-619 Shore receive outfit
    UK/FRR-620 Shore receive outfit
    UK/FRT-621 Shore transmit outfit
    UK/FRT-622 Shore transmit outfit
    UK/FRT-623 Shore transmit outfit
    UK/GGA-001 Cabinet for UK/GGT & UK/GGR
    UK/PRC-006 Portable tranceiver outfit
    UK/SRA-102 UHF 'Witches hat' tranceive aerial
    UK/SRA-103 MF/HF receiver aerial outfit for ICS2
    UK/SSC Redesigned SCOT
    UK/URC-613 Code division multiple access outfit
    UKADGE UK air defence ground environment - RAF
    UKAEA United Kingdom atomic energy authority
    UKMSCS UK military satcom system
    UM Upkeep manager
    UOR Urgent Operational Requirement
    UOR Urgent operational requirement
    UOS Urgent operational status
    UP Upkeep plan or policy
    UPC Unit production cost
    UPEVALS Upkeep evaluations
    UPSD Upkeep period start date
    UPT Upkeep period time
    UPW Unprogrammed work
    UTV Television outfit
    VAB SCTS for RIVER class MSMVs
    VAC SCTS for self propelled diesel generator vessels
    VAG SCTS for HONG KONG patrol craft
    VAH SCTS for CASTLE class off shore patrol vessels
    VAI SCTS for minesweeper boom vessels
    VAJ SCTS for Army ramp craft logistic
    VAM SCTS for offshore patrol vessels
    VAO SCTS for LCU09 landing craft
    VAP SCTS for SANDOWN class SRMH - single role mine hunter
    VAR SCTS for 23m RN/RM tender
    VAT SCTS for torpedo recovery vessels
    VBJ SCTS for WILD DUCK class
    VBM SCTS for Landing craft logistic
    VBO SCTS for Landing craft MECH-LCM09
    VBS SCTS for assault ships
    VBT SCTS for ocean survey vessels
    VBY SCTS for SSBN01-04 & S/M CCT A/S1081
    VBZ SCTS for fleet replenishment tankers
    VCA SCTS for 75ft tenders
    VCB SCTS for fleet replenishment ships
    VCDS Vice chief defence staff
    VCG Compass sestral speed minor MG
    VCH SCTS for TON class MCMVs
    VCM SCTS for coastal survey craft
    VCN SCTS for HUNT class MCMVs
    VCR SCTS for ocean tugs
    VCS SCTS for 250 ton SP liquid carriers
    VCT SCTS for medium berth tugs
    VCU SCTS for small berthing tugs
    VCV SCTS for torpedo recovery vessels
    VCZ SCTS for GWS26 (Vert. Launch Seawolf) trials barge
    VDB SCTS for ocean tug ROBUST
    VDC SCTS for SWIFTSURE class submarines
    VDE SCTS for 34 ft fast motor launches
    VDF SCTS for tugs of FELICITY class
    VDG SCTS for T42 destroyers - batch 1
    VDH SCTS for CVSs
    VDI SCTS for ROTORK sea trucks
    VDJ SCTS for T42 destroyers - batch 2 & 3
    VDK SCTS for TRAFALGAR class submarines
    VDL SCTS for light fleet tankers
    VDM SCTS T22 frigates
    VDO SCTS for armament stores carriers
    VDP SCTS for fleet replenishment ships
    VDU SCTS for 52 ft harbour launch
    VEC SCTS for 24 metre range safety craft
    VEE SCTS for ADEPT class tug
    VEH SCTS for landing craft logistics
    VEK SCTS for BIRD class OPV
    VEQ SCTS for OSVs
    Versatile exercise mine
    VEX SCTS for RAF long range vessel
    VEY SCTS for 15 metre survey launch
    VEZ SCTS for survey vessel ROEBUCK
    VFA SCTS for T23 frigates
    VFM Value for money
    VHA VHF homing beacon (HONEYPOT)
    VHF Very high frequency
    VO Variation order - variation to the contract by Sup ships to get work done usually used with SOW or upissues of L3 GI
    VSEL Vickers shipbuilding and engineering limited
    WAC Weapon acceptance committee
    WAHR Weighted average hourly rate
    WAS 2 Weapon assessment system IHHB
    WBA Wideband HF power amplifier
    WBB Wideband MF/HF power amplifier
    WBC Wideband HF power amplifier
    WBD (1-2) Wide band transmit amplifier
    WBE Amplifier outfit
    WBL 30kW HF amplifier
    WBM 100kW LF amplifier
    WBN 20kW HF amplifier
    WBP (1) HF powerbank amplifier 8 off 1kW
    WDB Waveguide air dryer
    WDCG Warship design co-ordinating group
    WDS Weapon direction system Mk10
    WEDP Weapon equipment delivery plan
    WEE 20mm Mk7 mounting - see Oerlikon
    WEI GDS binocular Mk 2
    WEO 40/60 Mk 3 mounting
    WEO Weapon engineering officer
    WES Weapon engineering spares
    WEX 3" rocket launcher
    WEY 4.5" Mk 8 gun mounting
    WEZ DQR recorder Mk 3 MOD 1
    WGB (1-4), (8) Waveguide outfits
    WHF 1000 pound bomb handling equipment
    WHG Air weapon handle misc. equipment
    WHH Pallet trolley No. 15 equipment
    WHJ Pallet trolley No. 16 equipment
    WIGS West Indies guard ship
    Wiresweep Mk8
    WPG Weapon provisioning guide (SSCP47)
    WPM Warship project officer
    WPM Work package management
    WPN Handling equipment TRAFALGAR class
    WPN Handling SWIFTSURE class
    WPN Handling with RNSH (Valiant class)
    WRPC Weapon repair policy code
    WRU Weapon retransmission unit
    WSA Wind speed and direction system Mk 5
    WSB Wind speed and direction system Mk 4
    WSD Wind speed & direction
    WSDB Weapon system databus
    WSF Wind speed gear Mk 3 - wind speed and direction
    WSG Wind speed gear (MUNRO system)
    WTC Watertight compartment
    WTG Weapon test group
    WUP Weapon upkeep plan
    XAD Magnetic compass equipment type 919
    XAE Magnetic compass equipment type 921/922
    XAF Magnetic compass type 1151
    XAG Magnetic compass type 95
    XAH Magnetic compass Heath Mk 7
    XAK Magnetic compass, Tx version 195/190
    XAL Access O fit compass 460-6527
    XHD Mk 1 gyrocompass equipment
    XHF Gyro compass equipment Mk 23 Mod L1 (emergency)
    XHI Gyro compass Mk 19 Mod 3C & 3B
    XHK Gyro compass Arma Brown Mk 11
    XHM Gyro compass Arma Brown Mk 12
    XO Executive officer (RN) - 'the Jimmy' - 1st Lieutenant - 2i/c to CO
    XOA Gyro compass binnacle (2)
    XOB Magnetic compass binnacle 195/190 (3)
    XOC Magnetic compass binnacle 195/190 (1)
    XOE Heath binnacle magnetic compass (1) 110V
    XOF Heath binnacle magnetic compass (2) 220V
    XVB Magnetic compass HB Mk 2 reflector
    XVC Bearing plate type 43
    XVH Compass s/assy Mk 23 (test set)
    XVJ Naval compass stabiliser Mk 1 (NCS1)
    XZB SINS 2 - Ship's inertial navigation system
    XZD NATO SINS navigation system using ring laser gyro
    YBA Cabinet outfits
    YBB (1) Cabinet outfit
    YBC (1-4) Cabinet outfit
    YBE Cabinet distribution
    YBG SCOT FTR (communications accessory outfit)
    YBJ SCOT baseband outfit - SCOT kit which extends system use
    YBK Telecoms accessory outfit telecoms ancillary routes aerials
    YBL (1-6) Ancillary outfit - composite radio facility (CRF)
    YBQ (3) Secure speech outfit HF (PARKHILL)
    YBQ/YBR (1) Accessory outfit ICS1/2
    YBQ/YBR (2) Accessory outfit ICS2A/3
    YBR (3) Secure speech outfit - UHF LAMBERTON
    YBR (4) Secure speech outfit 4 - UHF LAMBERTON
    YBR (5) Wide band secure speech - LAMBERTON
    YBT Cabinet outfit
    YBU Accessory/cabinet outfit (Tx/Rx multicoupler cabinet)
    YBW Cabinet outfit
    YBX Adaptable racking system
    YBY Electronic typewriter
    YCE Accessory outfit
    YCV Receiver cabinet outfit
    YCW Crypto cabinet outfit
    YCX Modem cabinet outfit
    YCZ (1) & (2)
    YDB (1) Narrow band digital voice system - HF secure speech
    YDB (2) Narrow band digital voice system UHF fleet satcom secure speech
    YRA (1) Radar accessory outfit
  9. Showoff!!!
  10. TWX Teleprinter transmission (signal)... You mean the RN still use Teleprinters? I thought they'd been phased out. That means I have a comms skill that is still useful and not obsolete! :D
  11. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    They were still in a number of the RNR units until quite recently, however they are now being ripped out. For operational units, the TGN has been obsolete and redundant for several years now.
  12. Theres always one isnt there??

    My favourite was to see TFBUNDY on a set of med records.

    Totally Fcuked But Unfortunatly Not Dead Yet.

    Also NFN,used to describe a local yokel, Normal For Norfolk!
  13. Dabs you wernt on the Rhyl\Brighton in the mid seventies were you?
  15. Roger on that..over and out!!
  16. you forgot s126 make and flake request form
  17. SNAFU Supplies Null and Flood Unit on TGCU Mk2

    Interestingly enough usually the unit that aborted a Mk 24 firing.

  18. I remember this one from daily orders on the might sausage


    Any takers?
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer thanks, Billy. I'm closed up down the Tiller Flat. :evil:

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