Glorious First of June

Diverting from the pre-occupations of the GE & Brexit:

Today marks the Anniversary of Lord Howe's prolonged battle, where the French fleet suffered a considerable defeat in 1794, well offshore in the western approaches.

Tactically, a result from which the French Navy never fully recovered but Howe's target fleet (a large grain convoy en-route from N. America) escaped unmolested much to the relief of the then famine-stricken French.

Hence their claim of a 'victory' (...& big sigh of relief from their Admiral who risked a ticket to the guillotine)

Several accounts on the web but a good day to pause, reflect on this highlight in our RN's history....*

A 7 minute Movie:
Long Version (From Aus):

And Wiki:

* and drink a bumper toast, Cheers! :cool:

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