Global Warming


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heating should be cheaper, won't need to use it? :cool:
Sorry Sumo - but the general consensus is the Gulf Stream will be turned off and the UK will be absolutely icers - best get your order in to T Daly for one of those GB jumpers cos it will be way to expensive to use the heating


War Hero


War Hero
I have watched all three of these and as the Yanks & Chinese are not prepared to reduce their use of gas and coal it is already too late to do owt . It is not just the CO2 but the amount of methane leaking from the many fracking sites in the US , glad I'm 70 and not long left.
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War Hero
Say it as it is, from 2.50

He addressing the 'snowflake' generation. They won't listen because they like the alternative. Rumour and fear.
They talk of change but offer no alternatives. Thunderpants and her cronies want to shut the fukc up and stop scaring the shit out of people!

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