Global warming/ "Green" Car Tax

Discussion in 'Petitions' started by buffer01, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. Ladies and gents,
    I've posted this here as it may get missed in the motoring section, and there being 33million motorists in the UK, it affects quite a few of us.
    May I ask to consider signing the following petition in light of the recent budget.

    Although hyped as a "Green" Tax, it affects more vehicles than just Chelsea Tractors. If you don't believe me, look at the CO2 emissions box on your cars V5. If your car was registered after March 1st 2001, you will almost certainly experience a hike in road tax. Although the biggest rises are for larger engine cars, like Ministerial Jaguars, the humble Rover 25 is also affected. To find out how much by, look at:

    Finally, if you believe like Red Ken Livingston, The Guardian and The Daily Mail, that footballers wives in Range Rovers are responsible for the death of the cuddly Polar Bear, take a look at this,2933,337710,00.html

    Funny how all the facts aren't reported in the British Press. And as for Al Gore, may I bring it to your attention that this was the muppet who couldn't beat George "Dub-ya" Bush in the presidential elections.

    If you agree, please pass on, if not please delete.
    Thank you for your time.
  2. Signed :thumright: , and lettered to the local Liebour MP too.
  3. Yeah, 'cos Fox is a reliable source.....
  4. hmm not sure perhaps this tax increase will encourage those who use their cars for what could be a 5 minute walk to get off thier a*ses and do it the cheaper healthier way!!

    But that's just my opinion :D
  5. Duly signed as a 4x4 driver and one who is thoroughly p!ssed off with the whole "Save the Planet" movement. Not sure what good it'll do though - politicians never go back on a money spinning idea once announced. Let's face it - if you can afford one, you can probably afford to tax one. Ergo the hike in road tax.
    We should be publicising the fact that global warming is a natural phenomenon AND the very obvious fact that is it GLOBAL.
    One wonders if, when the global temperatures show a slight drop - as they are expected to do in some quarters, we'll get the money back? Now that'll be a laugh......

  6. Question where do you drive your 4X4 ???

  7. Laugh ? - it'll be like the second coming -- a f**ing miracle !!
  8. Unless they really become punative and thus fail to raise revenue they will fail to change much, other than perhaps the governments who introduce them. If gas guzzlers are realy bad lets ban them, simple as that. That way we will have an impact, charging a few £100 more a year will have very little impact other than in the chancellors pocket
  9. Rover 25? I remember someone actually bought one of those! :lol:
  10. Governments in the UK and other countries are jumping on the 'Global Whingeing' band wagon to extract more taxes; it is as simple as that and won't make one jot of difference when countries such as India and China are no longer content to ride around on bikes and have nothing more than a slap in the face and a bowl of rice for lunch.
    If the UK thinks it can 'save the world' from a natural phenomena then so be it.
    I went to buy a new car yesterday and the salesman happily started it up in the showroom saying 'Trust me my friend the air this thing chucks out is much cleaner than what is outside those (air conditioned and sealed) doors. As a jest I asked him what he thought of the Toyota Prius and he gave me a look only a Catalan knows how!
  11. Now was that the look reserved for opinions on those in Madrid, or the look when one offers the gentleman a glass of nice rioja.
  12. Both and perhaps just a glimpse of someone who you had attempted to short obviously know the look, something I deal with on a daily basis, but they are indeed the salt of the earth, you just need to crack the hard crust!
  13. I only singled out the 25 as an example. What I was alluding too is the "k" series engine, Its fitted to the Freelander (Boo hiss, 4x4), the rover 200, 400, 600 (Not really applicable as they are pre 2001) and the Rover 25, 45 & 75. Its also in the MGF and probably in the MG ZR, ZS & ZT in some form or other. Knowing BMW, they probably raped it for themselves when they took on Rover/Jaguar/Land Rover and its probably in some of their models too.

    So by trying to remove nasty 4x4's, you tax one off the road along with another 5+ family saloons.

    As an example, you can have a pre 2001 Jeep Cherokee Caommander on LPG which is possibly one of the highest poluting vehicles on the road. You could drive it up to Red Ken's empire on LPG (45p a litre), your exempt the congestion charge as its dual fuel, flip it over to petrol when your there and bimble round polluting to your hearts content. Not very fair on your economical Rover driver, doubly so as the poor sod has a Rover.

    Motorists are a cash cow and the government is milking it dry.
  14. Wasn't it reported recently that one of the councils was charging a resident for having a gas guzzling machine, and when he pointed out that it was LPG and did not pollute, they basically stated that it didn't matter, it was the engine size that was being charged ? :scratch:

    My local council was looking into the size of the car ! --- perhaps they all (councils) have shares in the Smart/Indian Deathtrap/Fiat 500 range of motors ????
  15. Further to the question of guzzlers:

    It appears that 'Animal Farm' is alive and thriving in the palace of Westminster.

    Messrs Straw, Hutton and 'So What' Balls are reisiting attempts to foce them into the Toyota Prius instead, of the usual Brit guzzler. The reason appears to be that they don't want to be seen in 'gesture politics' --- not so backward in coming forward when they dictate to the rest of us, are they ?

    The facts that we seem to run foreign manufactured Fire Engines, buses and Police cars appears not to matter a jot to the trough snufflers in government, as long as they have their luxury limos, the rest of us can go elsewhere -- The Party for the People ? :pukel: :toilet:
  16. They have even hit my wife's ford KA used for shopping once a week.
    I will still use my 4x4 as it's a working vehicle, i will just have to put the increase on the bill. As i do a lot of work for government departments i feel a certain satisfaction that they are going to pay.

  17. A Toyota Prius isn't as environmentally friendly as you may think. They are only made in Japan, which means they have to be shipped to the country where the customer is. The Nickel for the batteries, which is usually strip mined in Canada, has to be shipped to Japan to be turned into the battery pack. So we've virtually circumnavigated the earth once before a Prius even rolls a tyre. Nickel, Cadmium and Strip Mining are not three words you would associate with being a tree hugger. But we'll gloss over that so we can pick on Gas Guzzlers.

    Also, as most submariners will tell you, batteries have a finite life, so over a couple of years, your lovely Prius will need a new battery pack. Guess where thats done? Not your local Toyota dealer, thats for sure.
    So we're off down the docks to ship your environmantally friendly car back to Japan to have its new Duracells fitted, before its shipped back to you. Then of course, you've got to work out what to do with the old batteries. I know, land fill!! We could dump it in the ocean, but it taints the flavor of the lovely whales that they like to eat. But we'll gloss over that minor detail too, because 4x4's are bad.

    Doesn't sound so environmentally friendly now, does it? A bit like those Gits with electric cars which produce zero emissions. The huge power station that makes the stuff that comes out of the wall, that produces shit loads, because, surprise surprise, the Green People don't like you having nuclear power stations! Or the Severn Barage.

    There's nothing like having your cake and eating it. At this rate we'll all be moving round on Oxen. And of course, they're really good for the environment, big methane producing cow's.

    I suggest that we re-open Battersea Power Station in the heart of London and power it on coal. To save shipping the coal from Japan, we'll re-open the Welsh & Yorkshire mines and put the work shy dis-ability benefit shysters to mine it. And illigal immigrants. And Terrorists.

    After all, with just a pick (Abu Hamzer comes with his own of course), they can lie down to work a seam of finest anthracite. Just like lying around and watching your relatives on Jeremy Kyle. That way, the lovely people of Red Kens town can drive around in their electric cars and inhale their lovely envornmentally friendly air. And we don't have to be taxed unitl we squeek!
  18. My real experience with Catalans has been relatively limited, and mainly with the slighly more snooty one, I once had lunch at the Real Yacht Club de Barcelona at the sametime as Franco's Dauchter in the days when being seen as a Francoist was acceptable. I did meet some very interesting people though and had a great 'run' in back street bars on anchovies and sherry, now there is a civilised way to get pissed.
  19. I too am totally pissed off with these so called green taxes. I live 1200ft up in the middle of a moor. Access to my house is 1/2 mile down a rutted unmade track which the National Park will not allow me to tarmac. A proper 4x4 is essential to allow me to go about my daily life which includes towing a trailer and moving heavy loads. I bought my current 4x4 in January and chose one registered before March 2006 because at the time that was the cut off date for punative road tax. Suddenly Darling has moved the goal posts -and by the way our local post office is down to be closed so I have to drive my 4x4 further to post a parcel etc. Joined up Government?? Dont make me laugh? Darling and Brown (and Blair before them) hate the countryside and all who live there. Well they will get their comeuppance at the ballot box. Roll on the election. And by the way we have snow forecast for tomorrow and a Toyota Prius would be fecking useless for me to get out of my house.
  20. Follow the vehicle enquiry link and then put in your registration and the make of vehicle, and you will see what DVLA consider your vehicle to emit.

    Of course, it will only tell you next tax hike, but you'll find your co2 emissions which you can put in here

    to find out what you'll be paying in 2009/20. Makes for un-comfortable reading in most cases...........

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